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Low-carbon life is not a low-carbon meat nursery early education philosophy lea
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Urban industry as the leading low-carbon economy, for the concept of the public to low-carbon living and behavioral characteristics, the Government blueprint for building a low carbon society, low-carbon-depth environmental philosophy has unwittingly in the lives of ordinary people. Recently, a company called the new Arts and Humanities Meng kindergarten early education institutions in the National Park launched a low-carbon chain of sub does not eat meat early education philosophy, has caused a lot of controversy and concern. It is understood that this is the education industry is quite well known in Shanghai Montessori Kindergarten Education Group's ongoing a brand of "low-carbon life" as the theme of the activities aimed at children are young low-carbon green early education awareness. Arts and Humanities in the new nursery Meng, Monday was designated as a no meat day kindergarten, in this day, the children and teachers not to eat meat, vegetables and fruit-based foods. Out of curiosity, reporters call the Shanghai Montessori Kindergarten Education Group phone division, a staff of anonymity told reporters that the new nursery is the result of science statistics Meng decided to launch after the "Meatless Monday" this activities, mainly on account of child care on Saturdays and Sundays are generally higher intake of calories, and meat. On the one hand is to consider the child's healthy diet, low-carbon society on the other hand also in response to the trend of environmental protection, because eating a piece of meat, carbon reduction effect is to open more than a dozen times a kilometer vehicles. Apart from good physical health also easy to recycle, has multiple purposes. But such a move is not all parents can understand, beginning in the promotion of such an event, the kindergarten has done a lot of work to do. According to the staff, the new Arts and Humanities Meng Montessori education for Kindergarten to feature, but also stressed that the children real life experience. In order to let the children really understand the concept low-carbon environment, but also to encourage children to personally participate. In real life, true to the process markets experienced child grocery shopping is really small. In order to create opportunities for children to get to know a variety of vegetables, while adults experience the shopping process, but also for the development of children's social skills. With "Meatless Monday" campaign, a month, the new organization will be meng nursery "buy" activities, 5 yuan for each child, under the leadership of the teachers came to farms to buy food. Through the "buy" activities not only make the children understand a lot of vegetables, an increase of knowledge, and let the children back when a young master, to experience life. Children's cognitive ability and life activities and in this way have been developed. Montessori education reporter in Shanghai, according to the official website to find a group in Jiangsu Yancheng a sub-park, asking the activities undertaken by the park, according to Li, a teacher introduced the park, most parents are now very supportive of the kindergarten behavior, of course, there are some parents for the children "buy" activities have different views, the sub-Park is also the headquarters of Shanghai Montessori Education Group under the guidance of the parents has been proposed in the summary, I hope there will be a better early education experience activities introduced, but the concept of kindergarten early education will always be low-carbon stick. Educate their children, to achieve the "low carbon" is very simple, as long as the heart, no one can give a power of the Earth. Before the end of the phone, the staff and said a firm voice.
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