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Eight tutor must be an error to change
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1, each complaint A problem child, the couple complained to each other, parents and teachers complain about each other, or even complain about the child. Numerous examples prove that: parents to decide the fate of the most important person in the child. When we complained about the "children's education, my responsibility. I changed, the child will change the "attitude to think, you will find easy to solve the problem. You can master the situation. 2, restricted too much information We found that parents of the child the most used word is "no". For example: No, no, not allowed to other languages. Those with "no" command as many of the children detained outside the box thinking and behavior. According to the survey, middle school students, 34% of the students wanted to leave home, the two boys who started picking train left home a week later, the body's money ran out, when parents find them, think they must be homesick, did not thought that if they pick up things to sell, but do not want to go home. Students have their own ideas, not as puppets manipulated, they asked to be respected. Adults sometimes really very unreasonable, usually we do not give children the opportunity to think and choose, the children did not receive training. Distress, we added children that adults can not, it was not right. Why do poor children? Because there is no training opportunities. To the children the opportunity to try to make mistakes, let the children have a successful experience, let them grow. 3, rebellious students of the three factors: preaching, nagging, more Some parents asked why the children with her mother against? Some little thing nagging mother endless, exaggeration, of this ancient argument. Nagging preaching than do not have the do not want to impose on others, can not do not ask their children. In addition, the child is the most disgusting and his parents always get compared to others. 4, four-over: too much love, too much care, too much interference, too harsh Too much love, has made children do not know what is love, what is the concern, what is appreciated. Take care of the children lost over the viability of an independent, competent foster mother of the child can not do. Too severe a child's personality so distorted. "You again to break your leg playing football! How do you better than you stupid people? Others exam can test the top three, why can not you? Final top ten I will not break your legs. Anyway, you are I was born, killing it does not matter ┉ ┉ "remark is the mother of his son killed his son was dying to say, it is these words makes a good student and picked up 17-year-old mother of a hammer to pound the . 5, the parent-child relationship dislocation Master-servant relationship, the relationship between leadership and the led, the relationship between police and criminals, the relationship between economic partners, their children as private property, etc., but more appropriate parent-child relationship of child development should be what it? Parents should be the child's mentor, close friends and charging electrical appliances. 6, the lack of innocence Why do not you kids said the truth? Because many friends of the ruler to measure the amount of adults and children. You do not understand him, he certainly would not, and you said the truth. If we think about 10 or 17 years old, how would we do? 7, just ask Score The most troublesome is that parents do not love their children learn how to get children to love learning? Because learning pain, so I do not love learning. If you have a happy learning to love learning. We need to mobilize his heart, so that learning motivation and happiness. Motivation comes from: faith, goals, interests, hobbies, curiosity, to be recognized, to be appreciated, the success of the experience, responsibility and so on. Therefore, the role of parents should be a good charger, and many educators and psychologists have found that most interests, hobbies, the cause is something of a sense of accomplishment, while generating a sense of accomplishment from being sure to be appreciated. 8, ignore the moral education and mental health Mind how much things to do, not only to foster children's learning ability, character and mental health more is better, this is the factors associated with child's life. Frustration and power of today's children is poor, a little small acts of violence occur. Therefore, parents should not overlook the life of a child's education, for example, the cultivation of good habits and personality shaped and so on.
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