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Three small: for family education Parents enjoy learning moves
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"Dear Parents, friends, to spend more time with your child to learn, for your children sake of learning and physical and mental health, all for the sake of children ... ..." November 24, Longquan in Fenggang County, all classrooms in the three small, More than 1,000 parents is through the campus radio, intently listening to what the children are training in education courses. Schools Office of Academic Affairs, Department of Moral Education, class teacher and subject teachers based on the actual situation, from the counties, school situation, class situation, Jia Qing, and other aspects of the situation of students to communicate to parents, suggested parents should be based on family economic conditions child's progress in the performance of appropriate incentives, where appropriate according to the child develop their own goals, according to parents to reduce their own situation more than helping children learn fun, let the children accompanied by parents to develop self learning behavior, the study of music, and play music, play schools. Many parents have to speak, that through learning, in terms of training their children get a new understanding of the future must take the work with schools and teachers, to parents the responsibility to do, to let children learn and play in progress.
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