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Scientific vocabulary to master the three learning methods IELTS
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There are four IELTS writing score, respectively Task Achievement (Task 1, task completion), or Task Response (Task 2, Task response to the situation), Coherence and Cohesion (coherence and consistency), Lexical Resource (lexical resources), and Grammatical Range and Accuracy (Grammar diversity and accuracy.) Among them, the first and second review by the centralized exam or training can be improved, then the two candidates vocabulary and grammar of English due to the level of direct associations, recognized the difficulties of Chinese students. In this paper, the Chinese candidate word problems encountered in the analysis and some word pro forma program. The three requirements of IELTS Writing Words First, the basic vocabulary 6 points for the writing of the candidates for individual goals, needs about 5,000 vocabulary. For there is a certain distance from that goal, the foundation is relatively weak candidates to be recited in the exam to focus on the word of the raid. The low overall vocabulary of the candidates directly to recite "CLASSIFIED writing" is not desirable. Because these words are built on a foundation based on the vocabulary, without this foundation, the so-called classification of words can only be in the air. Recite the words, be sure to pay attention to choose their own level of vocabulary, do not blindly demand perfection, and fast. If the amount received is far greater than the word vocabulary of the candidates themselves, will the candidates frustrated, so tired of the word back, so pay attention to gradual. Weak basis of the candidates proposed from the entrance started her own vocabulary, English high school graduates can choose four, six words. Second, scene terms In addition to the basic vocabulary, the IELTS writing some of the topics still need a lot of specialized vocabulary. For example, animal and environmental protection in the class topic, there will be a lot of specialized vocabulary, such as biological diversity, biodiversity, ecosystems, ecosystem, ecological balance, ecological balance, animal protection animal conservation, global warming, global warming, greenhouse effect, greenhouse effect, disposable products disposable products, deforestation, deforestation, soil erosion soil erosion and so on. As another example, some topics, like many technology classes, health classes, working class and other topics, can start from a health point of view the arguments, then you can spend a lot of disease-related vocabulary. Physiological diseases of myopia myopia, obesity, obesity, diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure hypertension, cardiovascular disease and other cardiovascular diseases, mental illness have depression depression, insomnia, insomnia, amnesia, amnesia and so on. If you can master the vocabulary of these common scenarios, then contact candidates when related topics can do to cope. Third, synonyms IELTS Writing test on the vocabulary Another feature is the word diversity, that is a synonym, that must want to change the same meaning expressed by a variety of ways. If a large number of candidates in writing re-use the same word, then to the examiner the impression will be greatly reduced. For example, writing in the popular "Youth" is, there are children, teenagers, adolescents, youngsters, youth, the young generation, minors, and other expressions. As another example, reference to "various", most of the candidates would first think of the word is always all kinds of, but the word it is very colloquial, and the examiner will feel less candidates vocabulary. So you can use the following words and phrases to be replaced: various, varied, diverse, a series of, a host of, a large variety of, a wide range of, a great diversity of, a dazzling array of more. Scientific and effective methods of learning to master 1. To develop a reasonable plan Candidates for the foundation is weak, the need to complete the core vocabulary in a short time back, and recite the words in alphabetical order is a very arduous task, it requires a lot of energy. If you do not develop a careful plan, candidates difficult to uphold. So this step is necessary. In general, the exam will recite three times the word man, the first pass careful study, the second time to consolidate, the third time leak filled a deeper impression. This effect played much better than just back again. 2. To read with a write Many candidates simply recite the words mechanically, but not understand the word usage. This often leads to writing frequently pop out of some particularly difficult words, but usage is not right. Back when they look at the meaning of words, but they ignore the parts of speech and the match. This article not only fail to word the request of the accuracy and diversity, but brought to the examiner understand the difficulties. So when the candidates in the memory of words, not only to know its meaning in Chinese, but also need to understand the actual context of what it means. The various types of original articles, such as The Economist, National Geographic, it is good reading material. For the time constraints of the candidates pro forma, you can read the article Intensive IELTS way to supplement vocabulary. 3. Practice to consolidate the word Writing and reading vocabulary of different words, read the requirements "negative words", that is, only need to see the English words you can think of meaning in Chinese, and Chinese meaning writing requires thought about to reflect the corresponding English word, that is "active vocabulary" . And if not just keep reciting the words used in practice, then even understand the meaning of the word, it is difficult to come up in the writing exam. Therefore candidates must recite the words while writing a certain amount of training, acquired skills, in order to truly learn the vocabulary words into its own readily available. Candidates can choose 1-2 articles per week different theme topic, and then open the corresponding scene vocabulary, you can learn the words first and then writing and writing and checking can also, of course, finished article is a word to go back very effective method. Writing is the greatest challenge of China IELTS candidates, and for many candidates, the proper use of words is a formidable mountains. We believe that hard work has always been known for the Chinese students will be the right way, with their own efforts to overthrow the mountain.
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