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Jinfeng District Yinchuan City the inventory carrying out the work of teachers p
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Learned from the Yinchuan City Board of Education, for serving teachers to engage in paid tutor violated ethics standards, spread the teaching effort, increasing the burden on students, but also affect the normal teaching order, Jinfeng District recently in primary and secondary schools (kindergarten) teachers to carry out paid inventory activities, special tutoring.

It is reported that this event set up telephone hotlines to report cases to the students, parents issue a "Golden Phoenix area schools (kindergarten) teachers in the Paid Family Survey", conducted a thorough investigation and other means through the investigation the existence of teachers engaged in paid tutoring behavior.

Meanwhile, the Golden Phoenix area also decided by the people once the report is verified, then there is paid to the tutor acts as well as primary responsibility for school teachers themselves, according to the seriousness of appropriate penalties and party and government discipline. Remedial actions on a charge of schools run classes and provide tutoring paid for teachers in the school premises, equipment, etc. to facilitate terms of schools, according to the circumstances in Jinfeng District were given notice of criticism or cancellation of the school year civilized units and advanced unit selection eligibility, and primary responsibility of school leaders pursue punishment. Of in-service teachers engaged in paid tutoring, the year-end assessment can not be established as the best and other times, or cancel the then outstanding teachers, outstanding class teacher qualifications and key teachers, subject leaders qualifications; for knowingly, against the wind and discipline, greater social impact, 2 Employment for the year shall not be higher level professional and technical positions, and professional and technical qualifications of the current low employment vocational 2 years, until the lifting of employment; are members of teachers will be given disciplinary punishment. For the behavior of teachers engaged in paid tutoring, the school concealed and unreported, shield shield, and strictly the responsibility of the principal leaders of the school investigated.
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