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Except make up a missed lesson however, what does the child that should still le
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This is the word that when just having a holiday before half many month, wants to say.

At that time, was about to have a holiday, a lot of student parents had begun to be anxious: The vacation that how plans the child lives, the phone asks me to be being helped coach make up a missed lesson have, ask my generation to look for relevant teacher to fill to have poorly, seek advice can deny those who attend social education orgnaization to do to coach of the class also have. Before having a holiday, according to the requirement of the school, class ever had attended a meeting parent of one diminutive student, and be to let student and their parent attend together. On the meeting, I coach with respect to holiday the matter that make up a missed lesson said a few his views. I tell them, as me of Chinese teacher, do not know to want to fill really some of what content, I think the most essential is to make full use of holiday reads some of book well, read extensively, widen oneself intellectual face, the time that oneself use time goes reading text, recital a few articles. English course, can the word on textbook of your teaching material carry 60% above on the back? If do not have, you do not say what coachs first and make up a missed lesson. Several manage are changed, the content yourself of teaching material whether does time of again beautiful dot go reviewing consolidate? At least, you should want to an understanding just goes to structural knowledge system of course. If a teaching material has content of a few chunk,you say not to come out, you or oneself fill first make up a missed lesson.

Want to say to make up a missed lesson, return what should fill a little really.

In the Chinese holiday task that I assign to the student, the biggest become namely two days of homes. Actually this also is my traditional exercise, let a student go namely the dish that the free market of agricultural products goes to buying two days, meal of two days is done in the home. Through buying food, go the basic level of life mixes development in-house, go knowing salt hits where salty vinegar to make where acid, the dietary daily life that knows parents arranges you everyday has how to not allow easy. In n/COL the head of a family day, it is you the day that this makes filial rest be in the home, learning to wash the dress even, at least you should wash your dress. Buy food through going, go knowing the life state of Chinese society common people, understand oneself to be in a city the standard of living of people, know rice price, flesh price and dish value, also go hearing you likelihood very the odour of that free market of agricultural products that detest. (these exercise, students had issued one share on the net, click here to look)

I give a student the 2nd work that assign, read namely. Want to read not only, read the article on planar media, notice to extend oneself eye shot even, institutional electron is read, the news that watchs CCTV kind program, understand the major issue of national society; Learn the use Internet on real significance, the society seeks a data on the net, information is released on the net.
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