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The near future, on Shanghai sadly arisen individuation family teachs way. Personalized family is taught, it is the force that shows have the aid of teachs expert and outstanding teacher, be born for middle and primary school " interrogation of feel the pulse " , discover crucial reason of the difficulty in study, offer effective solution, what pass specific teacher assuming a tax is man-to-man coach means, will promote study interest from long-term point of view, improvement learns way, stimulative study result. Personalized family teachs the key of plan, depend on studying an issue diagnose and handle; And this one link, be not general tutor to be able to be achieved, the ability of expert level public figure that wants have the aid of to teach a domain however is.
Current, education of family of the individuation on Shanghai is professional the strongest, effect is research center of Shanghai academic education very relatively. Academic study seeks advice is the service orgnaization that with the family education and psychology give priority to business Wu one. Its group is taught greatly with Hua Dong division and the doctor of psychological domain is given priority to, include to study middle and primary school gives birth to the outstanding researcher that learns tired sex. Academic study seeks advice from a team to have solid academic strength, substantial education measure, agile communication skill, the experience of a large number of successful case. Academic advisory service tenet is: Warmth serves, genuine forever.

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