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Educational concept -- personalized family education
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"Cognitive revolution " the important research orientaton that is current study science; Academic individuation teachs plan to try to develop setting to fall in thinking of science of this one international, expert of have the aid of leads, seek advice through learning, study coachs, study is evaluated wait for link, will expand the study capacity with crude middle and primary school effectively, improve study result then, health learns state of mind, stimulative parentage, etc. Of program of this one new-style education put forward with promotion, accord with the requirement that school classroom education reforms current middle and primary school, also accord with the middle and primary school below times change to give birth to the quality demand of full-scale development.

Education concept

Knowledge is to watch originally at the back of expression of school work advantage, contain is worn the special domain knowledge that high conformity changes and its structure. This basically involves two aspects: It is semantic knowledge (or allegation sex knowledge) , about Yu Mou one domain fact is mixed object; 2 it is skill knowledge (or program sex knowledge) , about the measure at this domain movement or cognitive process, if basic technical ability mixes automation,get recognizant pilot special strategy. Two kinds of knowledge are contacted each other, sustain performance of achievement of student school work jointly. Accordingly, what school work coachs is crucial, the intellectual character that depends on understanding different course reachs his to win the rule, create the condition of inside and outside that learns effectively

Ability of course of of task limitation view and domain task are inseparable. Train for a long time on domain task, make outstanding student obtained as associated as the task special and cognitive structure and mechanism, changed cerebrum activity way even, the ability of some course is consequently more difficult migratory to other sphere in; With this inference, should break through school work the study result of undesirable student, ought to pay attention to the course study mission with special arrangement, the change of structure of acknowledge of with a view to, change cerebrum structure then. Accordingly, cannot break away from particular job to talk about behavior expression.

Ability of course of of cognitive and interactive view is not by the result of a certain element or action of a few a few elements, however by numerous element the result of joint action. For example, have many domain knowledge, can not assure the special mission inside;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to domain; Some respect capacity is insufficient (if remember) , do not bring about the complex activity in special domain to go up (if read) performance is poorer. Come from interactive viewpoint education, want detailed analysis of different course ability make part, the administrative levels sex that manage Qing Dynasty learns and early or late order, coach for scientific and significant school work undertake matting.
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