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The source of force -- academic character education
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The individuation of academic education research center teachs a method, basically school work coachs, the expert seeks advice, test of interactive, school work, study reviews the group etc, specific content basically involves:
1. studies a method
• associates memorial law
• image remembers law
• Chinese learns law
• English learns law
• science department learns law
• liberal art learns a way
2. learns interest
of • group activity
of • brains storm
of • positive impact
• is close child interactive
of • self-confident establish
• bond and contract
3. psychology checks
• pupil learns interest to check
• pupil learns a method to check
• pupil learns latent capacity to check
• parent teachs means test
4. teachs salon piece
The parentage with harmonious •
Achievement of • school work and interest
• is encouraged with castigatory
• independent ability fosters
• family study coachs

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