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The research of education of innovation sex classroom
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One, the basic connotation of innovation sex education

1. The essence of innovation sex education is the ingenuity that shows the mankind adequately, translate into him student that makes the individual's creativity;

2. The purpose of innovation sex education is the progress that achieves student acknowledge, is not pure stability and continuance;

3. The task of innovation sex education is to make the understanding of student individual becomes a vivid organism;

4. The basic approach of innovation sex education is the natural progress that achieves student recognition, the imitate of basic course ( that the develops a process naturally substance of this kind of individual understanding depends on repeating the mankind to understand nature creates ) .

2, the main demand of innovation sex education

1. Activate democracy and the of environment of affection sex education of humorous

Environment of affection sex education is the activator that optimizes cognitive process not only, and the value that this kind of environment can affect one individual lifetime is directional generate with the means of love. Will look from this one meaning, classroom education says with its is the information communication process between teachers and students, be inferior to saying is teachers and students between the communication process of affection information. It is only in close and harmonious teacher-student relationship and the education atmosphere with harmonious democracy, the student just has a kind of safe feeling and cheerful feeling to classroom education, just dare bona fide project oneself, develop oneself subjective activity adequately.

For activate democracy and the education atmosphere of humorous, the need in education notices: ① is respected each other. Key of each other valued is in teachers and students to want to respect each student as far as possible at the teacher, should respect a student the main body position in education; Want to respect the student's proper pride; Want to respect individual character characteristic of the student. Only the teacher respects each student, the student just can respect a teacher with same attitude, ability establishs harmonious teacher-student relationship. ② education is democratic. Consider to make clear, in democracy model in teacher-student relationship, its affection expression is best, between the student, the affection between teachers and students is harmonious. A large number of education carry out a proof, it is only in a democracy, equal, harmonious, dynamic education atmosphere, teachers and students just meets each other esteem, each other respects each other love, mutual promote, teaching benefits teachers as well as students. ③ with affection passion. The teacher wants in education with affection moving, with oneself active emotion affects a student, in order to cause the emotional resonance between teachers and students, apply colours to a drawing classroom atmosphere. Each other of ④ teachers and students loves. Love is the core of teacher-student relationship, the teacher should is opposite through oneself the student's consideration, pass all sorts of expression acts, express the feeling to the student, achieve the goal that communicates with student heart.
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