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The door of thorough children heart
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Children in one's childhood, always have a lot of curious and eccentric idea. They often imagine the friend that has a not true presence, accompany oneself everyday amuse oneself, chat, have a meal together with oneself even sleep. They like such friend, have accession more very at liking the associate in real world. Old people cannot understand this kind of illusion, always be anxiety-ridden, because,be afraid of the child is cranky, too too alone perhaps need to help ability meet too such. This kind of concern is a little actually redundant. In the world of children, imagine a friend, perhaps opened the door of a heart namely.

the airy multicoloured when

Beautiful · peaceful straps the psychologist Ma tall that Russia straps ridge university and the Ka Ersen of · of Si Difen Ni of Washington university is undertaking one is mixed about the child their " imagine a friend. By last year, they are in " development is psychological " on publish a paper to say, 7 years old of of 65% the following children ever had had at least one " airy friend " , this kind of illusion grows to have profit greatly to child mental probably.

Taylor says, should understand children " airy friend " psychology, should understand pair of most children above all for, such friend is playmate nevertheless. "Airy friend " just mix children keep sb company, together amuse oneself.

Adult always considers these issues too serious. Taylor says, children are accepted in psychological lab when interviewing, see researcher carries a problem to mark note again again, still be afraid that they consider the issue too complex. A child returns collect to go to say to interviewing his person: "Just pretend, you know. You know..

Their intelligent surmount with age

The research of Taylor and Kaersen makes clear, with " airy friend " the child of keep sb company often compares them with age person more outstanding. They have stronger oral expression capacity normally, respect of viewpoint of reasonable solution other also more get the better of one prepare. In the past research still shows, have " airy friend " the child may have the intelligence quotient that exceeds average level, more abound creativity. When game, they appear happier than other child, a few more lively.

"Compared with those common children, have ' airy friend ' the child is not quite bashful, more be good at socialization, " Taylor says, "This and people normally view rather. "This and people normally view rather..

Face children " airy friend " , what can parents do again? Peaceful straps a child since memory to force family person to wait in restaurant, for when a piece enough old table, make she does not exist truly " friend " also can sit together with family. Another girl because her " friend " very ill need is taken care of, reject to leave an one stage. Every time these moment, children always are particularly obstinate, impenetrable. If plus the parents that does not have patience, unavoidable of a conflict. Taylor's proposal is " beat sb at his own game " , the attempt solves the problem in the illusion with the illusion. Cope with that to fall ill for instance " airy friend " , parents can envisage another " friend " , persuade the child to let " new friend " take care of him technically.
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