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Children psychology development has 6 level
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Children psychology development is one arrives from quantitative change the process of qualitative change, there is apparent level sex in its development process. Children from be born to the adult, its psychology development experiences 6 bigger level, this is:
Sucker period (from be born)
Infantile period (arrive 3 years old from 1 year old)
Infancy or school age early days (arrive 6 years old from 3 years old)
Childhood period or school age initial stage (arrive to 7 years old from 6 years old 11 - 12 years old)
Teenager period or school age metaphase (from 11 - arrive 12 years old 14 - 15 years old)
Young initial stage or school age are terminal (from 14 - 15 years old arrive 17 - 18 years old)

There are the difference of the quantity and qualitative distinction between different development phase, each phase have its essence characteristic. Children psychology development has particular ordinal character at the same time, there is close connection between each phase, of each phase cannot put upside down orderly early or late or surmount. We understand children psychology to develop the characteristic of each phase, master what it develops to go dragon arteries and veins, can adopt education, purposeful, in a planned way, organically goes developing the intelligence of children and individual character character, the process that children psychology develops is accelerated inside likely range.

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