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Of the child " altruistic feeling " need early education
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Attentive children psychologist people often discover a kind of such circumstances: A cheeper of ten months hears a baby to be in wow wow when crying greatly, can be gone to immediately on half step a biscuit, but of no help, the baby still is crying, cheeper also cries accordingly rise, touching infantile head gently with small not use too much force, he seeks his mother finally, the hand that plays a mother is put to infantile forehead. Psychologist people think, this is the baby sympathizes with a heart inchoately, or call " move affection " ability, use oneself emotional move to other body namely. If notice to cherish and be fostered, this kind pure and commendable compassion the thought sensation that the heart becomes altruism with respect to meeting development.

The United States is close hold graceful analysis says the Huo Fu of psychologist horse fourth · that installs an university, the baby is shown to the sadness of others because they still are not had,sympathizing with is " myself " idea, the sadness of their sadness oneself and others is promiscuous together. 1 year old or so, cheeper begins to realise others and his distinction, but the response that still makes delicacy to the emotional state of affairs of others, think to be able to make oneself glad to also can make other people happy with contented thing, the thing that likes with oneself tries to make other people happy to mix like to rise. Arrive more than 2 years old, the child begins to feel the painful unlike of others, anguish that is not his completely at least, accordingly, he can think way in the leave no stone unturned inside the limits of in one's power, try to make other people happy to rise with all sorts of method.

In the meantime, a few psychologist pass an experiment to prove, the concern of altruistic emotive education and environment is very big also. The mother is good at act fact undertaking to the child intuitionistic altruism thought is taught, her child can be example with the mother, care others. For instance, cat of a floret is gotten in group of one caboodle bombazine to go out not to come, left catch right flinch, mew mews chaos cries, the mother sees shape goes to clear cotton group at once, adopt the kitten come out. The child sees inspire and all these can be taught, he can learn mom's appearance to care other everywhere after. If he sees a baby lies on the bed wow wow cry greatly, when wanting a toy to be not worn quite again, before he can walk up instantly, go handing him the toy, still perhaps can comfort a few. Psychologist thinks, if on maternal feeling too severity and intense, may make psychology mixes his child generation worry have encroach a gender.

Anyhow, children psychologist people more unanimous view is, altruistic thought of the infant is the maturity that can be fostered and makes, also be very easy at the same time be in those who be in budding condition to be strangled to danger.

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