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Le Village Primary Education re-balanced farm
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Recently, the city farming village primary school music news of success: handball scores, was promoted to the national handball traditional schools; in the just-concluded school track meet in 2010 cum Shushan fun Games faculty, the school Wangzhi Yu, Tze-Shen, Liu Jiang Yang Man-Man, Chen Han-meter race at the primary school in 60 for men, all rushed into the final and winning the primary man first, third, sixth and the women second, third place; softball game the school's students won the women's softball Hu Huilin second ... ... the convergence of personal honor, the school took home the "fourth group" trophy. Fun Games staff, principals Sun Chuanhua personally pitched in, all the teachers together to win the group sixth place. Faced with honor, Le Village Primary School Physical Education Section of agricultural teachers seemed very calm, handball coach, teacher Mr Zhu told reporters: "Rain or shine, the school is to respond to national call to implement quality education and training go-round physical and moral development of the road, can get parents and society is most certainly make us happy thing. " Due to the "everything for the exam," the baton of the drive, sport was being marginalized. In recent years, as people understand the depth of education, physical education reform implementation, PE was able to name only embarrassment from the get up, get equal treatment and culture classes. Le Village Primary Agricultural always walk in the forefront of sports reform, attention to physical education, adhere to "improve human physical education, sports and cultural wealth of people" concept of science, the rise of sports, to the students to demonstrate self, individuality and space, but also to dry The exam-oriented education into a fresh vitality to the lifelong development of students lay a solid foundation. Physical aspects of physical and mental development of students is essential for the role of physical education for health, and help students develop a healthy body, so that better learning and living; they can mold character, improve their viability and the ability to adapt to society. Physical education teacher, said students like physical education, physical education can provide students with the physical and psychological experience of pleasure and ease pressure on students to enrich the extracurricular lives of students so that students love school, and this is the purpose of attention to another sport. Physical education for students with very attractive, the students of the movement this way, the school has paid off, get good grades in sports at the same time, academic education but also to keep up the pace, also had an outstanding performance. Body of knowledge simultaneously, the development of physical education is the epitome of quality education, it is a concrete manifestation of balanced development of education.
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