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How collective prepares lessons
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One, collective prepares lessons run methodological

Pedagogic collective prepares lessons is it is an unit with teaching and research group, constituent teacher begins collective to grind read outline and teaching material, analytics situation, make discipline education plan, decompose prepare lessons the task, authorized prepare lessons the series activity such as information of practice of education of outline, feedback. Its are specific run means to be as follows:

1, constituent management:

Collective prepares lessons to be in by education (or teach scientific research room) executive management. Grow by teaching and research group commonly specific chair collective to prepare lessons activity; The professional teaching and research group with bigger, more class can distribute public division and scale group, by prepare lessons the group leader is responsible and specific carry out, teaching and research group grows what guidance joins each group to prepare lessons activity.

2, mobile process:

(1) the activity prepares -- " 2 grind " , " 3 calm "

The member that the group leader informs complete composition ahead of schedule grinds seriously before collective activity read teaching material, outline, collective activity makes clear in the announcement " 3 calm " : Decide spokesman of time, calm place, center.

(2) center delibrate -- " 4 equipment "

Center delibrate namely the group leader has this group teacher is called together to put forward to prepare lessons in class time in collective requirement, listen to the speech of central spokesman, discuss prepare lessons outline. Discussion center spokesman puts forward to prepare lessons when outline, should include to have difficulty of key, equipment, equipment teachs law, equipment school assignment (still should include unit to detect) . When discussing, want to develop academic democracy adequately, allow the contend of different opinion.

(3) modification outline -- " 5 unified "

According to the content of collective discussion, central spokesman is revised prepare lessons outline, should reflect adequately " 5 unified " : Unite education thought, , unified " double base " , " double force " (intellective, ability) and " double Yo " content and requirement, unite class hour arrangement, unite the title that amount to mark, unite assessment requirement. Put forward to improve the proposal of teaching method at the same time.

(4) of compose teaching plan

Each class teacher prepares lessons according to what collective prepares lessons outline and each learn affection, compose teaching plan. Right now, in do not leave " 5 unified " below premise, produce each one specialty.

(5) information feedback

When be being centered the next time, the key problem that comes out the report when according to preparing lessons outline is carried out puts forward, for be being drawn lessons from later.
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