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How to do well illustration prepares lessons
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1, teaching material of have a thorough grasp, hold the purpose that illustration sets, look for what accurate illustration uses to cut a point

Illustration is the teaching material of visualize, its picture is reflecting relevant education content, it is the organic component of schoolbook. From the point of the relation of illustration and literal part, illustration is a character those who state a part is outspread, it is to be specification, understanding, deepen literal content to serve. Accordingly, want to had had graphic, must first teaching material of have a thorough grasp. Go up in the base that holds intellectual content adequately only, ability is more accurate the end that holds graphic representation setting, look for what accurate graphic representation applies to cut dot and stay point, this is to use pictorial premise condition correctly. Otherwise, hold forbid illustration intention, with respect to the result that short of is installed and applies.

If teaching material of politics of second year in high school leaves a plate of the 60th page, this graph arrangement is in " collectivistic value orientaton holds to below new historical requirement " inside casing problem, its purpose is the total demand that the new period that allows student focal point to master in modernization of our country socialism holds to collectivistic value orientaton, explain how in actual life holds to the total demand of collectivistic value orientaton again, want to handle the relation of individual and other correctly namely, object cliquism and individualistic. Accordingly, the goal that can decide from teaching material content and illustration position this graph is installed depends on a specification opposing individual increase consummate, emphasize individual, family, local interest one-sidedly, and the individualistic trend that ignores other, collective and social interest. Accordingly, the use of this graph should be nodded to be cut with this, raise equipment plan and the specific aim that use a figure thereby.

2, serious observation, accurate commentate graph

Be known truly definitely and holding to graph meaning is the key that improves the quality that use a figure. A good illustration, some implied meaning are profound, be worth the aftertaste; Yi Xie of some Yi Zhuang, full of humour and wit. Accordingly, the teacher prepares lessons to must have careful observation to graphic representation, serious analysis, make clear pictorial appearance content, make clear of dominance of analogy of graphic representation place with recessive truth. Have the reason of some of dominance, understand more easily relatively, but the recessive truth of some deposit, must observe seriously, anatomize, thorough mining. Know essence through the phenomenon, hold its true meaning place, shi Qingtu meaning, improve use quality.

Return above graph to be exemple, the teacher observes from much angle only, meaning of ability Shiqing graph. Look from the picture, this graph is graph of an examination eyesight. The content that eyesight expresses is by arrive greatly small national increase, collective interest, individual interest 3 words; By scrutator " eyesight " be, saw the smallest individual increase only, "It is not clear that other entirelies look " ; Chair measure the person that check open-eyed the expression that indissoluble. Pass observation to be able to decide, should undertake from 3 respects commentate graph: From " eyesight is expressed " content will analyse, because be in the watch " national interest, collective interest, individual interest " 12 words, because this is a specification 3 person the relation is what kind of; From analysis be cominged to by the angle of scrutator, he saw individual increase only, it is individualistic expression, answer to undertake an analysis from individualistic meaning, expression, harm; Will analyse from the angle of the person that uphold a test, should how does demonstrate object individualistic, hold to collectivistic value orientaton. Such, accurate pictorial " pulse " , can accurate commentate graph.
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