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How to let collective prepare lessons truly play action?
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From March the middle ten days of a month us year the ministry signs up actively join school organization " prepare lessons attend class review a lesson " series activity, to now, we made have first, decided attend class content and lecture teacher, the content that the collective that we choose prepares lessons is: Elementary school Chinese the 10th the 5th unit, prepare by teacher of give a lecture with the 17th class " the battle of Chibi " for exemple will do set an example.

We will undertake on March 16 first time collective prepares lessons. Everybody has told this class for how together in the office and give counsel. Discussion atmosphere is very enthusiastic. After everybody defines difficult point of unit education key, " the battle of Chibi " this one class, from education key difficulty, education preparation, the respect such as introduction undertook discussing.

Each teachers can offer his opinion: The battle of Chibi, the key should make a student clear east Wu Zhouyu one party is gotten the better of with losing strong with getting the better of much prime cause less, foster a student to be able to manage even the consecution of clear text, according to the thing development gives a text the ability of section orderly;

In this one battle, the preparative job before fire attack is very main, the ---- since southeast wind of --- of pretend to surrender ignites ---- is pursued and attack;

Southeast wind is very important;

Cao holds one party " even the boat " the requirement that also is fire attack;

"Pretend to surrender " the analysis of one part, also conduce to the disposition that analyses Cao Cao, reach thereby east the bosom friend tells the other;

Speak of pretend to surrender, cao Cao connects a boat, southeast wind, implicit other stories: The ruse of inflicting an injury on oneself to win the confidence of the enemy, pangtong makes suggestions, zhu Geliang borrows wind,

Old teacher reminds lecture teacher, oneself should be the whole thing to a paragraph this in story of the Three Kingdoms understand somewhat;

Best can use multimedia tax, segment of editing and rearrangement, arouse student interest, conduce to understanding text content;

Guide new tax wants novel, everybody draw on the wisdom of the masses, exchange the information that gathers from all sorts of channel each other, to what go up from the history with getting the better of much battle less in, abstract the number that come out, compare, next derivative new tax law of this one party, compare approve of;

The teacher wants those who take a student seriously to read, should have model read;

Notice the kind that ties group collaboration will solve a problem.

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