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Say a tax
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Say a tax, it is a teacher oral the education tentative plan that states specific task and its theory basis. From the point of the content that says a tax and property, it prepares lessons together, attend class have a lot of collective place, but also have its distinguishing feature. Here choose its are main the characteristic makes one introduction.

One, argue sex

Prepare lessons, can see from teaching plan " how to teach " ; Attend class, can see from classroom education " how to teach " . And say the class wants to speak not only " how to teach " , say clear why to teach so even " , should let auditor know its not only like that, know its the reason why even. This is distinction saying a tax at preparing lessons, attend class, form the main field of particular feature. Teacher of requirement saying a tax from teaching material, religion law, learn program of law, education 4 respects are elaborated respectively, and emphasize speaking each part content particularly " why " , apply the educational theory knowledge such as pedagogic, psychology to clarify namely truth.

2, scientific sex

Classroom education asks the teacher is guidance with scientific theory, solve the contradiction of education and problem with scientific method. The teacher must abide by education principle to design education program, the processing of teaching material, mining and communicate degree to have scientific sex, logic and ideological content.

3, sex of high administrative levels

Because the object of attend a lecture is to know teaching material, ripe business to be had,teach certainly grind horizontal leader and teacher, so, we should study advanced educational reform experience and teaching method, study concerns educational theory, enrich basis of theory saying a tax, be opposite especially the processing of teaching material, teach the choice of the law, the design of writing on blackboard, the deliberate of the language, more more elaborate than preparing lessons before, education structure more hasten is reasonable.

4, foresight

Teacher of requirement saying a tax is told not only go out how to teach, speak a student even how to learn. So, the difference of the respect such as element of intelligence of characteristic of state of manner of the intellectual skill that the person that say a tax should teach a student to place, intellectual level, study, thought, psychology, blame, undertake an analysis. The estimation student learning to new knowledge can have what difficulty, speak a basis not to adopt relevant measure and the measure that solve with the circumstance. The person that say a tax speaks him to devise the crucial question of the query even, reckon how the student replies, how should be the teacher handled.

One, homiletic material

1. says teaching material content

Include a title, be in the a fewth, the a fewth unit, unit trains the around connection of key, position, teaching material, introduce author and period setting even simply sometimes. Preach can say more when material content, also can say less, can press above introductory order says, also can break order to say, want to be decided because of teaching material.
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