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How should we attend class today? ? ?
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The education mode of our country tradition basically is it is a center with the teacher. Its are affected directly is by pedagogic dictate classroom, ignored a student to regard acknowledge as the action of main body. This goes against the education of creation talent. Compare with traditional teaching photograph, in studying sexual study, the teacher is the person of knowledge that impart not just, and the promoter that is student development, preceptorial, learner and co-worker.

The duty of teacher of modern society requirement should be less and less ground hands knowledge, and increasing incentive student thinks; The teacher must center more time and energy to undertake those effectual and creative activity. In studying sexual study the teacher serves as promoter, with a kind of cognitive master-apprentice relation was made between the student. The teacher in study wants to accomplish: Want actively to look on above all, be in when the student when watch examine, test independently or discussing, the teacher wants actively to look, actively listens, bona fide experiences the student's doing, place to think of place to want, master all sorts of circumstances at any time, how does the consideration coach next the student's study; Give a student the support with mentally, create good study atmosphere, use all sorts of proper means, give a student the encouragement that goes up with spirit, make the student's thinking more active, exploration enthusiasm is more rising; The attention develops autonomic ability of the student, the attention teachs a student to abide by discipline, as friendly as other get along.   

Be in before in education, the teacher basically does not cooperate to work with respect to the can independent education that finish with the teacher of other subject. But in studying sexual study, the teacher is faced with directive student " solve a problem " the task, the teacher's directive content needs to involve the other sphere such as science, technology, culture extensively, and face is a certain number of group, because of teacher of this pair of great majority character, complete all directive works of each pair of group students very hard alone. If the teacher wants to be in larger space, cooperate cheek by jowl with more teachers with more equal means, must with other work in the same placing, even the parent and social personnel establish connection. Teacher from mere attention this course is moved toward, to attention other and relevant course; Finish teaching job from independence, arrive and other teacher cooperates to work to the student's guidance together. While pedagogic unripe society cooperates, teacher above all oneself should learn to cooperate. Co-worker part of the teacher is the collaboration between pedagogue not just, the teacher walks out of the school even, undertake cooperative with relevant personage of the society (like personnel of the parent, expert, community) . A kind of mutual collaboration, study that advances each other should be between teacher and student study community.
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