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If prevent the child to attend class,take a look
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Attend class cannot long absorption attend a lecture, attention is dispersive; Often turn a deaf ear to, explain the knowledge with teacher tuitional classroom without legal principle; Write down not complete or cannot remember the teacher is oral the task that assign and thing; When repeat teacher place interprets content, appear incoherent... these attending class cannot the child of serious listen to a talk, suffer from truly except the part " use disease more " outside, quite a few is learn ability importantly in the absense of a kind -- -- ability of attend a lecture (also call conscious ability) . To this, you can try the following method to undertake corrective.

Training discerns ability often lets the child discern audio discretion, size, strong the direction of source of weak, tonal, sound, with
This will enhance aural resolution of the child.

Training savvy parent chats with the child more, let the child contact all sorts of sound more, enrich the vocabulary related to child life more. For instance, oral decorate the task to let the child finish; Wait to phrasal story is judged and answering a question.

The hearing that trains the child remembers ability parent to be able to choose a few children to be interested, the sentence with different difficulty, call the child to serious ground listens and let the child imitate state come out, the hearing that will raise the child with this remembers ability.

Training hearing of the ability that book order to make up foreword ability is the data that points to the child to be able to get past hearing place with correct and detailed recollect orderly early or late come out, and the aural information that gets place tries to organize made significant ability. It comes down to what the child will learn knowledge to be withheld scientifically very beneficial. Through letting the child hears a story and repeat, suitable back carries a number on the back to wait for the capacity that can increase this respect.

Training hears binding energy power allows involve the child with saying union to the vocabulary associate, inference, analysis and judgement ability. The parent passes synonym of training child theory, antonym, listen to music to undertake associating, complement the sentence complete, listen to the story, form that writes a story oneself to come to those who train the child hear of binding energy force. Gao Yong

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