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How to solve a student to attend class talking problem
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The student attends class to talk casually, affect classroom education order, it is the problem act that the teacher feels disgusted most, also be most the problem that solves hard.   
The main principle that solves is in democracy of teachers and students equality is eliminated go against the premise that turns over psychology to fall, undertake through persuading moral character is taught at the same time, explain talks casually is enroach on the truth of right of other classmate study, at the same time basis psychology is academic, adopt specific educational means to undertake settlement.
1. After 2 minutes of bells are noisy no less than quiet coming.
Before 2 minutes of bells are noisy, classmaster teacher appears in classroom doorway ahead of schedule, ring rings, clew student: "Classmate attention, is ring hinting to us what? " the teacher emphasizes ring, is not his avouch severe color. Through the clew of a phase, affirm the student's progress, ask again: "If the teacher does not hint, ring has rung, is everybody self-conscious quiet to come down? Is everybody self-conscious quiet to come down??
Student answer is done get.
Ask again: "If some classmates forget, by monitor clew, can you comply with? Can you comply with??
Answer can.
After that, the problem is solved basically. Theory reflexes theory according to the condition that is Bafuluofu. Give a student the stimulative effect of ring, is not a teacher berate.

2. Attend class to talk casually, include new tax and self-study class.
Choose two classes to undertake contrasting experimenting. If choose two self-study courses, let a student be inside proper time (like 30 minutes) prepare lessons before class a certain number of English words (be like 30) , talk casually to the student, the teacher loosens management of purpose. When hall dictate, check the effect. The with the mistake data with the accurate count after the class.
Choose a self-study course again, time of same prepare lessons before class is restricted, same English word several, statement first time is the teacher's intended relaxation manages, let know the classroom order effect to studying the effect with the classmate. This one tax is only standard absorption review, forbid informal conversation. After reviewing, also check the effect when hall dictate, also statistical mistake and accurate data.
Of two when differ classroom order next self-study classes review the effect to undertake contrast, let a student make conclusion. Good classroom discipline can ensure study result.
The cuts from behavior guidance education pattern of the mode of 3 kinds of education that academic basis is moral character education. Let a student experience two kinds of behavior, two kinds study the effect, can be indifferent to from informal conversation, go up to affection like to abide by discipline change, and abandon attend class to be used to anyhow. Great majority learns to attend class unripely conversation can be solved.
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