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The student fosters pre-test from what alter composition ability
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Standard of course of elementary school Chinese put forward to make clear a requirement to student composition training, especially the student trains from what alter composition ability, the grade in be opposite puts forward: "The sentence that there is apparent mistake in can revising do exercises in composition " ; Put forward to high grade: "Can preliminary the do exercises in composition that revises oneself, revise actively with other exchange, accomplish a statement clear and coherent, travel fund is true, write standard, neat. " . In textbook of Chinese of high grade elementary school, the composition theme that has close in part asks clearly to after student composition is written, want to undertake be modificationed seriously. Visible, let go the composition that lets a student revise his, develop the ability of the student that changes a composition oneself, it is the job of a no time to delay in current composition education. Reform a teacher only " unify the whole country " the composition corrects mode, let go let him student change civil, ability produces main body effect of the student adequately, make they correct the composition regard the thing inside author portion as, the beat one's brains in letting them be corrected in the composition, start work, improve composition quality. Be in at ordinary times in Chinese education and training of do exercises in composition, I am aroused from a few respects of purpose and foster the child to alter the ability of the composition oneself, also developed the character that the child works to be in charge of seriously thereby.

One, pay attention to guide, arouse interest

interest is best teacher, want to foster a student to alter the ability that he writes a composition, the key is the interest that should arouse a student to revise his to write a composition. Want to cause a student to change the interest of the composition oneself, I think:

above all, should rely on pedagogic oneself glamour to attract a student. Because of the adoring feeling that the student produces to the teacher, meeting by the student migratory on that course that teachs to pedagogic place, form the interest to that course. To win the student's accredit and respect, every time do exercises in composition, I can insist to be composed together with the student, write oneself do exercises in composition in classroom computer documentation, let student comment on. If things go on like this, the act that the teacher writes personally will produce a kind of breathed power, make the student also can discover the inadequacy in him do exercises in composition from which, find out difference, ignite the interest that changes a composition oneself.

next, the glamour that should rely on intellectual itself will attract a student. Teacher besides earnestly practise what one advocates, the actual writing process that uses oneself (changing a composition again) go feeling chemical unripe, outside the admiration that wins a student, still can tell writer of a few at all times and in all over the world to hammer into shape repeatedly to the student, the story of modification article, be like " deliberate " story... after letting a student know an article to be written, revise repeatedly, not only can make an article more perfect, truly radiative the inviting ray that gives work, give a reader the enjoyment with the United States, more the writing level that is helpful for raising oneself and the ability that solve a problem independently.
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