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Raise the reflection of classroom education effect
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Develop as social reform, people already from go up at all realise development of science and technology cannot leave education, and education reachs value in the position in national defence, production, life. So from on 90 time begin the century, our country reforms upsurge with respect to what lifted one round another round, "Still give a student classroom " " the student is main body, the teacher is object " " change tradition engrafts type education, innovation education concept " argument blots out the sky and cover up the earth the ground flies. Really, "Repeat what the book says " already by the student disgustful, "Full hall fill " already was hostile to by student place, "The immensity that inscribe the sea " more let a student feel " do not have a bank later " , below the guidance of new tax mark, as what teach a gleam of we must change traditional teaching intention, improve the skill of classroom education adequately, get optimal education result.
1, the language with wonderful and vivid is one of elements that improve classroom education result.

Pedagogic home Huomulinsiji ever pointed out Russia: If you think those who be be dead as mutton to make knowledge changeless, quiet science, be about to turn the language into a the mainest creation tool. In classroom education, education language is the ligament of affection communication, it is intellectual carrier. The analogy of figure, incentive speech, humorous explanation, urgent question, teach ably, make abstraction becomes specific, abstruse be out of shape elephant, drab become interesting. Additional, written language of the teacher (writing on blackboard) with attitude language (teach voice) also appear particularly important. A kind of an earmark on blackboard, format, an a smile of the teacher, gesticulation can apply colours to a drawing classroom atmosphere, the thinking that gives a student is aroused blast a dimple, promote education to the climax. So, pedagogic language should notice accurate, vivid, bright, have inspire specific aim, flexibility and gender, education sex, such ability arrive the initiative that uses student study. Long-winded of if teacher language repeats, amphibolous, the words fail to express the meaning, messy, do not make a student drowsy how? In the in classroom education, teacher language accomplishs rhythm even bright, emphatic, disease Xu is orderly, a class moves avoid by all means, thereby the attention that firmly draws a student.

2, the realia of visual image is revealed with if make the finishing point,analyse, have the effect of get twice the result with half the effort.

Our country is famous pedagogic home Hua Luogeng ever had said: "Number is short of form and little intuitionistic, form lack several hard in a subtle way " , ground of concise and comprehensive explained " several form are united in wedlock " thought, attach most importance to at this o'clock especially on science department should.

How to use intuitionistic method? I think to be able to try from tripartite face:
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