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Han Yu talking studies a method
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1. The essence of school work is entered in Yu Qinmian
Han Yu is in " into learn to solve " in say: Yu Qin of essence of course of study, barren at play; A deed is accomplished through taking thought, destroy at following. Of school work profound, depend on assiduous and assiduous, of school work bedraggled, swimming at playing happy; The success of moral act depends on cogitative, be defeated destroy depend on follow drift along.

What what Han Yu says is diligent, expression is a mouth diligent ) of ( much recital, diligent ( browses more ) , brain is diligent ( is much more masticatory, much ponder over ) , ground of day after night learns. He says: The mouth is incessant the article of chant Yu Liuyi, the hand wraps around ceaselessly at a hunderd schools make up; Burn cream oil as shadow cast by the sun with afterwards, heng Wu risings to a height with end year. Assiduous in order to learn, agelong and indefatigable, this is the summary that he teachs a lesson to experience of forefathers pursue one's studies, also be him himself the crystallization of the valuable experience with old do scholarly research. If what he says: Shi Shuqin has therefore, not diligent the stomach is empty.

2. Fine is sought on the foundation of rich
Han Yu passes long-term education to carry out, comprehended the adj relationship of rich and essence. Rich and essence are contrary unity, have essence of life impossibly without rich, without essence of life, rich just also is a kind of hodgepodge. He emphasizes on one hand erudite, put forward to have an insatiable desire for much Wu to get, fine do not contribute greatly, all closes and harbour, stand-by without involuntary discharge of urine. Ask essence of life is made an appointment with again on the other hand, put forward to carry its to want, hook its black. This that is to say, the point should grasp when study, explore the part with its small essence, achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, comprehend its spirit essence. He emphasizes the systematization of study on one hand, object although,learning diligent and not by its all, although character is much and not among them. Ask to 醲 gloomy is enmeshed when study again on the other hand, contain flower chew China, be studied deep and be lost in in ancient books, fine serif flavour its elite.

3. Rise study and original creation union
Han Yu thinks division is ancient person of sages and men of virtue, want division its meaning not master its demit. It is division with the ancients, need not constrained Yu Zhang sentence, and should study its thought, method, want to learn alive. If can be recited only, imitate the truism of person of ancient sages and men of virtue, so in the end just is thief of a nimble stops. Fall and cannot be nimble thief. He holds with the outstanding achievement that absorbs forefathers, oppose follow lift again, the position rises study and original creation union. He objects heel the hurried of constant road, peep old make up in order to steal. He advocates express meaning predication, neologism of be unique in one's style, hong among them and four outside its. He says: Can person be not him, can establish oneself, not follow person be also. The deeper attainment that Han heals to go up in literature, can build language is crude new, have a color alone, be unique in one's style, depend on him can rising study and original creation union, thinking deep at him: The hand wraps around visual, the mouth chants its character, the heart thinkings its justice. The summary of Yu Qin of essence of course of study that Han Yu offers hooks Xuan Hanying chew China meaning of the division in be being wanted by all does not shop unfaithful intentions buts in division demit and Hong its justice wait for study method, it is a few proper understanding that accord with objective law, can enter learned reference as us.
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