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Of basic skill of experienced good composition - - institutional careful problem
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The composition of elementary school phase trains, use propositional form more, namely the teacher gives a title, the student writes a composition according to the problem. Exam of enter a higher school of elementary school graduate writes a composition, also be propositional composition commonly. Since be the composition that depend on a problem, be about to learn careful to inscribe. Thematic meaning makes clear Hunan, the composition can cut synthesis desire. Pertinent, this is the at least level that measures a propositional composition. If the title was not certain, perhaps inscribe meaning understanding to be not appeared, the composition that draw up is inscribed with respect to meeting deviate meaning, even irrelevant to the subject.
A classmate is in " I and my teacher " write so in one article:
Our teacher is surnamed poplar, many years old 50, spend white hair, all over the face furrow, wear glasses of a pair of black edges. Her manner is particularly kind, do not get angry, the job is very serious and responsible, often prepare lessons late night.

Once, our class arrives Great Wall spring outing, mr. Yang body is sick, but play gladly to let us, her in spite of illness played this spring outing, make classmates very suffer touch.

Mr. Yang asks strictly to be shown loving care for enthusiasticly again already to the classmate. Remember period in the accession that Chinese takes an exam, mr. Yang sees Chenquan's classmate is cogged, gas is gotten all over the face aglow, firm firm ground criticized him, but Chenquan's classmate searchs to make up a missed lesson again after the class, till the content that knew a text till Chen Quan lane.

Mr. Yang is our good teacher, we respect her, have deep love for her.
This composition has content the defect with not specific, scattered material, but, main trouble is to did not tighten the meaning that discount a problem, do not accord with thematic requirement. "I and my teacher " this title, requirement author is passed " me " and " my teacher " the correlation between, draw up people teacher's ordinary achievement, eulogize people teacher's exalted moral character, perhaps behave teachers and students between true affection. This composition wrote a teacher only above, did not write " I " , do not have more write " I " and " my teacher " the relation between, do not calculate so pertinent.
On composition class, or on examination room, some classmates see composition problem takes the first stroke of a Chinese character to be written in a hurry. Because did not pass careful careful problem beforehand, write rise very demanding, want to was written a bit, like be forced to tell sth bit by bit, the article that such drawing up accords with thematic requirement very hard, wrote sometimes very long, ability discovery is written ran to inscribe, must write from the beginning then case, result get half the result with twice the effort, desire fast do not amount to, the composition also cannot get good achievement.
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