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Of basic skill of experienced good composition - - the society observes the life
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Some classmates often have such experience: Listened to a teacher to recite a good composition, perhaps looked " outstanding composition chooses pupil " a in good literary works, say cannot refrain fromingly: "Ah, I also had experienced this thing, how to think of to want its indite? " sometimes, the teacher just kept composition title on blackboard, if the spring emerges,some classmates are thought of, brandish pen becomes an order, some classmates are looking at thematic look on in despair however, think hard also is written do not come out, complain of suffering says: "Hey! It doesn't matter can write! It doesn't matter can write!!

What reason is this?

I think, a among them main reason observes carelessly at ordinary times namely live and accumulate material, just feel so " those who do not have can write " .

Year period, a music master calls Yu Baiya, mr Bai Chenglian is a teacher. His grind 3 years, wrote a music, be called " high mountain running water " . He plays this music gladly to the teacher to listen. After the teacher allows, laugh laugh say: "I have a teacher more brillant than me much, tomorrow, I take you to visit him; You can be harvested somewhat certainly. " the following day early in the morning, unripe belt wears Cheng Lianxian Yu Baiya rows come to an island, tell him to say: "The teacher goes up in the island, yourself goes searching, after 10 days, I receive you again. " after Cheng Lianxian is born, yu Baiya excitedly ground looked for complete island, how cannot also find that brillant music master. Ground of his mood be agitated sits on the reef of beach, the sea of stretch to the horizon is in front, it is cloud-kissing mountain peak after one's death. Petrosal of rap of that a situation full of danger " clang clang " sound, a Zhen Songtao sound of that exciting, make Yu Baiya so excited that cheer, he understood the teacher's intention suddenly, face the sea to play musical instrument to come immediately. After 10 days, cheng Lianxian was born to come really, when Yu Baiya plays has revised music to him to listen again, teacher repeatedly complimentary say: "Good, good, extremely good! " at that time, an a person of academic or artistic distinction calls Zhong Zi period, evaluate uncle tooth highly " high mountain running water " music: "Be apt to, high mountain highs be like a father-in-law! " " be apt to, complacently be like Jiang He! " from now on, "High mountain running water " 4 words are by the analogy " bosom friend " , perhaps compare for " composition ingenious " .

Uncle tooth learns the story of musical instrument to give us such inspiration: The life is the fountainhead of creation, the life is our teacher, want conscientiously ground to learn to the life.

Classmates want to write good composition, be about to have deep love for the life, the society does the host of the life. One does not have deep love for the person of the life, he discovers the beauty in the life impossibly; A person that does not care to collective activity, draw up impossibly also the occasion of wonderful and touching collective activity; One is opposite all round the person that the thing watchs not carefully, write the thing impossibly also of course specific, paint from life is moved. We often see such picture in a few compositions: "She grows very beautifully " , "He is very angry " , "Performed wonderful program " , "Recited moving poem " , "The assembly room is decorated majestic and easy " , "Wrapping around of the festival full-dress " etc. If we are thorough one asks: She what place grows beautifully? Be when is he angry how? Is the program wonderful where be? How does the poem touch audience? How is the assembly room decorated? Of the festival full-dress be how? You reply probably not to come out, because you do not have personal experience, perhaps do not have the observation of meticulous in a subtle way.
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