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Do not let the child fear to attend piano class
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More and more parents chose piano to raise child art attainment to the child, master skill, edify sentiment, place the hope of implementation to piano teacher. The age learning musical instrument that present trend is the child is earlier and earlier, so regard a piano as the teacher, the child that how lets piano of begin to learn likes to attend your class?

One, complex professional term simplification

"Cannot have a fat person readily " , the dot to Gang Xueqin people for more such. The teacher is broken up in the professional term with education process complex lieutenant general, make its simple, and arouse the student's enthusiasm adequately, in letting them also participate in education, come. For example, when telling about note, do not want first " accord with head " , " Fu Gan " , " accord with end " the concept forces at them, can make case with the objective such as apple, pencil: Be just like " semibreve " comprise by 4 apples, "Minim " comprise by two apples. With this analogize, go up from the vision first acknowledge, let themselves compare again, what do these note have same point, have what differentia again, roll out then " accord with head " , " Fu Gan " and " accord with end " . Same, when learning pause, want to be contacted with note, let themselves describe the external form of every kinds of pause, facilitate strengthen memory.

2, let musical knowledge show first

Use in us " Thompson " this can discover when a series of teaching material, " Dashangpusen " (the following abbreviation " big soup " ) mention have knowledge of a lot of music, and in " small Thompson " (the following abbreviation " Xiaoshang " ) in had involved already, for instance " fall boil " , " phrase " , " tone " , " **** " etc. If when play " big soup " just explain these music theory knowledge, children are accepted rise to take pain to quite. So, requirement teacher is accomplished let musical knowledge show first. Teaching " Xiaoshang " when, be about little is permeated, did not underestimate the savvy of children.

3, education children see a picture " say " composition

Most child learns musical instrument before go to school, the student of low perhaps grade, so this exercise becomes very important. Be in " Xiaoshang " in, " Marie has only little kid " , " delimit boat " , " the footstep of giant " , " dancing black bear " wait to be able to tell an a lot of interesting conte. This asks him teacher has very good understanding to music, can combine music to inspire a student to spread out associate, the independence that exercised a student already ponders over ability, understand music, processing music to be hit for them again solid base stand tall and upright of course, arrived " big soup " , " do obeisance to be stranded " , " Che Erni 599 " and even the following exercise can combine music " say " composition, taletelling, the understanding that can carry pair of music affects the student understanding to other course then, accomplished " kill two hawks with one arrow " .
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