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The music in the family and dancing are taught
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Fine work of art often has the great power that the shock popular feeling, act vigorously that urge a person takes. So, the parent should create all sorts of conditions, the Temple of God that guides the child to enter art --

Build beautiful hall for him

Child learning teachs music in the family, include to teach the child to sing commonly, training of music theory knowledge, skill and music enjoy 3 shares.

Teach the child to sing the song that should choose to suit children body and mind to develop a characteristic, the parent is OK body routine, or have the aid of at tape, kinescope, CD set an example guide, make the child experiences perfect artistic form, understand the thought content of song, can be full of emotional ground to sing, make he is affected beautifully by music thereby, master stage by stage sing correctly method. Current, the song that suits children to sing socially is not much, outstanding very few, the song that children sings basically is given priority to with popular song, the adult is changed, love song turns an issue serious, this goes against health of children body and mind to develop, should bring those who have the parent to take seriously.

The training of musical knowledge and skill basically is the education child identification of spectrogram, ability that feels music, attention and memorial music. Musical appreciation is OK the musical eye shot of escalate child, develop the ability of his interest to music and understanding. Folk music of each folk of music of the vocal music of China and foreign countries that the parent can choose a variety of forms and style according to age characteristic of the child and acceptance, instrumental music and our country offers the child to admire. Develop child tack, exquisite music feeling, foster his rich music fancy, abound the knowledge besides his music, hold correctly of connotation in order to get him to musical work. Additional, the parent but the interest according to the child, join musical interest group through encouraging him, hold a family to block the concert that pull OK, hold neighborhood singing contest, take him to enjoy decorous music, the musical culture that develops him and to admiring ability, still can make his musical talent gets developing.

Dancing art is one of methods of children aesthetic education. Dancing brings a lot of joy to the child's life. Dancing asks the movement is beautiful, be full of expression and rhythm feeling, it is united in wedlock with musical photograph commonly, give a person the feeling with the United States, can develop the child's strong and handsome bodily form and metrical sense, foster his beautiful sentiment. The parent can look after children see evening party of singing and dancing, coach he sees TV dancing program, rich child especially dancing knowledge of the girl, be like likely, can join children dancing class and extracurricular and artistic group according to his interest and requirement.
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