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Give musical instrument child a bit proposal of the parent
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In process teaching musical instrument, often some of parent can say with me: We know nothing about piano, learn musical instrument to the child busy do not help on. Not be actually such, the parent can help the child learn musical instrument from many sided, I basically suggest to each parent today among them a respect, that helps the child raise artistic appreciation namely, increase intellectual amount. In process teaching musical instrument, I discovered students put the difference that be in in each respects, what can say learning musical instrument is to have each each to them is difficult, by the way one, be opposite in the student already was honest when a content when cannot finding a sense, the parent and teacher must not hit them. (discuss again after this problem, student of a thing tried hard but still learn to be less than, we are about to keep away from temporarily first or change kind of method) . The difference that measures with the student knowledge of age level also is very big, this also can have quite big effect to learning musical instrument. Because piano resembles an any course,euqally ability of nutrition of need many sided is accomplished somewhat, the soil that artistic appreciation resembles learning musical instrument is same, famous piano performs reach educationist Nie to cream grow (20 centuries the teacher of many famous pianist) had said: The talent cannot be created, but culture, also be the soil that breeds need of talent prosperity place namely, can create really. Say a bit example gave you to be able to understand more: I have a student is the grandmother area with culture not quite high level at ordinary times, when attend class I explain to them a kind of thing can compare difficulty, the cathedral music that plays the west for instance (this is very common when playing musical instrument, because of western music this multicolored colour butterfly be from church music this aurelian in decay comes out, a lot of great composer are made have a large number of sacred music) , I let him recollect one inferior is the cathedral occasion that sees in TV, but he is insisted readily never had looked, because grandmother does not let,look. Then I take out all sorts of church pictures to look to him, and want one by one explain majestic, divine the meaning of these words, he has been the student of 3 grade, but have a lot of words,he seems to never had heard of. When the minuet that plays Bach, I make clear to let him the meaning of one word expended elegance one time quite again setbacks. After all the time of piano lesson is limited, the intellectual blemish that if the parent is in,which respect exists when when accompanying Alexandrine class, discovering the child understands melody can be in complement alertly more at ordinary times, such effects can differ greatly. As the teacher, also should put forward such requirement to give the parent for the student, some oneself knowledge amounts are limited perhaps feel to do not have necessary say so much teacher to should understand to the student: Have amateurish student only, without amateurish teacher. Another my student always is mom is accompanied attend class, below the class also very the intellectual quantity that notes augment child, the savvy when this student nursery school is so pretty good. When once I am telling strong weak contrast with her, say, if want to lose volume control by force first gradually,a bit ability can draw up from the back strong, she says then immediately: I am clear, these lose by force is opposite. I am very amazed at that time the child of a nursery school still knows ' opposite ' meaning, be informed later is her mom has explained to her. Should knowing is not piano teacher does not wish to tell so much, main hope lets a student acquire more knowledge in limited time, because want to had played a song, the thing that wants an attention is too much, poor to savvy student can ask possibly only the surface a bit, to the student with savvy good good artistic appreciation, the teacher can be gone to in taught. Child knowledge notices more when so I suggest parents are tasted accumulate, can pass read, and can have choose see the way such as a few TV programs. After Sikeliyabin listens to the elder that Huoluoweici of super piano Great Master plays musical instrument to give him once in one's childhood, sikeliyabin said such word: The technology of this child need not worry later, only proposal is to want to read a book more later, absorb the nutrition of many sided, so that better understanding music. I am not as authoritative in that way as Sikeliyabin, but I still should suggest each parent makes the child great read a book, widen intellectual face, the flower that gives beautiful art leaves in rich culture soil.
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