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Piano skill
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Because,each person has his distinctive place . your experience, setting and ability are different, your study method also meets different suits you because of this one useful to others method may not at others . . is additional, a kind of method may suit only a certain eye, example says Bach, and learn De Biao when you on the west when with respect to meeting discovery it suits . not quite you must its create not tire of irritatedly, so that experiment and the method that try to differ find out the system of a training that suits you most.

Principle of experienced musical instrument:

1. listens every link of : Lian Qin depends on the ability that you listen attentively to yourself.

2. from do pair of : to always go after note at the beginning, sound, the ! that you can accomplish and the perfect . that behave force if you from begin to be done was opposite, so below easy . practices 100 times with a kind of wrong way when you, so your meeting discovery will be played henceforth perfect it is how difficult. Remember : does strong fault correctly 1000 times by accident.

After once practice dedicatedly 7 times,psychologist says : , this kind of stimulation can enter to remember the . in unit for a long time but after if use wrong methodology,reviewing, just will be met with 35 iteration will wrong memory is corrected come over . is from the correct after beginning to do comparative err on speed should 5 times faster.

The knowledge that 3. tries to understand musical : to acquire you on music theory class and you know about music the . on all music order that everything uses you to learning finds key, scale, **** , rule, paragraph if you can understand music,wait for all thing . that you can find, you can remember better it, and play its . puts a pencil in piano edge faultlessly, writes down any your discovery with it.

Psychologist says : analysis helps you remember.

4. writes down note : to write down note to be able to help you remember . to become you one day, two days, when farewell head reads note after a chapel, it can help you recollect and can help you change note content into you the one part . of permanent memory if you write down the thing, if you are not written down,this transition can produce . automatically, you think it probably no longer, before long you can forget it a clean .

You should write down below:

We spend the word : of Mr. 1) thousands of tuition goes attending piano class, but the door that just stepped a classroom when us, we had forgotten the word of Mr. 90% . this throws away the tuition of 90% for nothing as us same regrettablly your teacher may help . you write down partial content, but his ( her ) won't write down all thing . to be answered when you after arriving in the home, you should will attend class content reviews entirely, be in next the . of classroom education content that music score perhaps writes down you to be able to be recollected on jotter this is not -- of paragraphs of whole sentence certainly 9 words, earmark, or paragraph, your understanding mixes anyhow any thing . that can help you remember if you so do, you can discover you can learn how many thing uncannily, and the teacher need not repeat same word repeatedly .
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