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The violin drills musical instrument method is summed up greatly
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Law of 1 sere practice: This is to be opposite some head composition is done crossed all-around exercise for many times, had applied enough feeling, the distribution arrangement that handles to music also considers make a final decision repeatedly, everything has a kind of saturated feeling to oneself, the likelihood continues again one kind when all-around experienced . throws emotive practice to be able to lose new move again adjusts sexual exercise. Do not throw feeling when becoming sere practice law, and travel art machines a paragraph of Duan Jin with the . higher demand with the more thorough . that wants the . of rationality to analytic . anatomizes type.

Each checkmate nibble practice 2 law: Come out the problem enumerate that should solve, these problems may be a paragraph of music score of worse back, the likelihood is a few pull accurate Shuang Yin hard, the likelihood is a few combination that do not twist at odds, the likelihood is skill of law of a kind of bend... . The most effective the exercise method of not irritated heart is to use fragmentary time to separate second practice these projects, can be " hit one gun to trade a place " try practice, find a sense, strengthen get used to ability. Sometimes a few alleged difficulty, it is difficult to do not have many really certainly, just oneself are unaccustomed, contact a few times more, do not create tension in mentally, can go oneself.

Although do these exercises to be able to not get effective very quickly every time certainly, but OK and affirmative ------ every drill impression is deepened, comfortable stress increases on the feeling, when these difficulty by " had gnawed " later, it is much easier that when opening experienced music again, around joins to drill together. If sweep a road, take away a few stone first, refuse a few bottle, sweep the floor again next with respect to smoothly much, the heart is so not irritated also. Stone is come up against to want to stop again when sweeping the floor otherwise broom goes removing stone, come up against bottle to want stoop waist to gather bottle again... .

3 practices a law alternately: For reasonable use cerebra, reduce fatigue feeling, but the condition of degree of tightness of alternant hand is experienced, classify alternant practice, musical section and technical part drill alternately, the practice of the right hand is changed after the key solves left-hand problem, familiar already with not close drill by turns, chart of back seeing table drills alternately... anyhow, alternant purpose is to change the excited spot of cerebrum, accomplish the use position with the different arrangement that has Lao Youyi

4 strengthens carry momentum to practice a law: After the music that should play place opens practice a few times continuously, the problem that occasional appears makes treatment exercise a bit after end, next back-to-back in start over . starts over again, . hyperbole . also can be increased of purpose to accelerate on speed of the . on expression of the . on strength again. This kind of exercise is the method that a kind of excess load takes exercise and forces to develop ability
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