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Children practice sings the problem of special attention
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Mr. Lin is Chinese musician association chorally musicology of children of allied director, China is met member, the research that sings song training for a long time from thing children gets experience quite purposely, he emphasizes, the training of children is different from an adult. Training method uses a simple adult in children to go up personally, it is very undeserved. It can bring about the organ of children to become hoarse, cause the concerned pathological change such as pharyngitis. Personal classics realizes a lot of teachers that pursue school music education the importance of this problem, those who begin to learn and use the education measure that perfects more scientificly to train the child is vocal. And the sort of do not make minute years, do not part the way that one boiler carries volume, cannot take in vocal music education.

He thinks, dot learns to sing, the age that should notice it paragraph. 4-6 year old the child belongs to cheeper period, not was necessary to let the child enter the study of training class and so on.

Because the child savvy of this phase is very fragile, and delicate vocal cords is in development period again, have a bit inadvertent, can make the child's vocal cords is destroyed. This age paragraph the child, had better make its natural develop. Nursery school teacher and parent, can let the child is admired more and learn to sing a few children's song, let its generate interest to music. Develop certain happy sense. This and learning piano is big different. The parent must not act too hastily.

7-9 year old the child, still allow with rhythm, sound, the influence that enhances pair of children to all respects such as the understanding of song. Learn singing basic knowledge, the society sings in a low voice. Important still is to should protect vocal cords. Learn sung song, want to be given priority to with children song. Avoid by all means lets the child sing the grow upping song with older difficulty. The sound that should not let the child imitate adult more goes singing a few popular song.

Mr. Lin puts forward, 10-15 year old the child, it is the crucial period of children organ development. This period, children should experience crack period. The boy about 12-14 year old, the girl about 13-15 year old, sound produces change. This vocal cords during often congests, oedema. This is natural physiology phenomenon. But if carelessly, sing aloud with big throat, meet the exhaustion of aggravate vocal cords, bring about vocal cords fleshy finally. If the child of this phase sings if, should take care absolutely. Prevent occurrence accident.

Introduce according to Mr. Lin, the educationist of famous children vocal music on international offerred the training means of children beautiful tone. Apparent, method of this kind of training is different from adult method. Requirement children sing with the falsetto that contains head antrum resonance. This is protected to the organ of children, to children the art in the future grows, it is all in all. The organ soft beauty of the child that trains through this kind, have penetration, audio expression force is powerful. Organ is not easy and fatigue. Current, in home, a lot of big in preeminent children's chorus group of the city uses this kind of method to train children namely. And method of this kind of training, to be in the child of crack period, particularly important. Before before long, 3 controls 10 years old boys of Italian that CCTV news program reports are become " the world is small 3 big tenor " , it is the result that beautiful tone of this kind of children trains.
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