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Auspicious the choice of its teaching material
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To the abecedarian of guitar, the teaching material of guitar is very important. If the guitar on the local inconvenience of your place grooms class, so the teaching material that you want to have to had been compared only, the grow into useful timber can teach oneself like; Although you are already preliminary,learned guitar, so in the following day, you still can raise your level through teaching material, become a past master stage by stage. General good teaching material is standing in the hand, night is convenient you consult a few basic music theory knowledge along with speed per hour. So, a bad teaching material, perhaps meet misdirect you are very long; Good teaching material, can allow your get twice the result with half the effort. I recommend a bit teaching material for you below.
- chooses - of a good teaching material
A good teaching material is a good teacher, especially for the musical instrument that to auspicious it suits this kind to teach oneself very much. Classic proposal chooses << Kaerkaxi is classic auspicious its tutorial >> . This is one of the most authoritative classic tutorials, degree by shallow enter deep, successive, after serious study, not only can make next solid essential technique, still can make craft is achieved quite level, competency plays the song of taller difficulty. Recommend strongly! Xin Huashu inn has each district commonly, everybody can depend choose. Nevertheless this teaching material suits to have the reader of knowledge of certain music theory, this book many 30 money, I had broken up roughly, it is the form of staff entirely. If you are a reader to music theory and guitar utterly ignorant, so the teaching material that this book does not suggest to serve as an introduction, be sure to keep in mind!
If the word of balladry, suggest to use letter of king eagle horse " balladry guitar big textbook " , this is this real good book, many 30 money, general very much place can be bought. This book weaves namely according to the form of teaching material, arrive all the time from first step ritzy, very detailed very scientific, reach every aspect of a matter, to the person that I learned guitar 8 years so, or often can from which benefit. According to the exercise level comes to the face to weave here, tell from the basiccest music theory knowledge case, next every phase gives out a few etude eye, deepen stage by stage, very good understand easily very scientificly. The market is full of a lot of teaching material now, this is originally more classical ~
Liu Chuan's teaching material is good also at the same time, general bookshop has sell. His teaching material suits abecedarian quite really, easy to read and understand understand easily, easy begin, and the error is not much, material organization is more scientific, in initial stage it is to be able to coach really you are rapid introduction. There is fundamental tutorial before his book commonly, still be simpler and detailed. His homepage is the detailed introduction that there is a book above Http:// , can go up now look to decide to which buy again. His what buy teaching material is when I teach oneself guitar in those days, the sense is very good still, had better be to buy have what distribute tape originally the sort of, contrast rise exercise effect will be better.
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