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How does the parent coach the child learns electronic musical instrument
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Electronic musical instrument has the advantage that learns expediently, easily, grow the welcome with the student by wide authority. But while this one popular art is general and popular, how does the parent coach correctly, also become the issue that everybody pays close attention to very.

Because learn the optimal period of musical instrument to be in cheeper phase, child age is small, the teacher's requirement is very much also, very rare student can practice independently, need the parent commonly coach. Such facilitating the requirement that communicates a teacher better, make everyday practice those who have the law insisting to undertake, pass coach with the help, make the child achieves work requirement of the teacher more easily. Accordingly, of the parent coach indispensable.

But coaching in the process, via regular meeting occurrence parent mistake understands the teacher's requirement, or the problem that when treating the child to practice with extreme manner, appears, affected the result of teacher education. What coach in the parent so is earlier, communicate with the teacher more certainly, communication, strive for faster understanding teacher teach a law.

One, parent should treat the child to learn musical instrument and exercise with objective, true attitude

Learn musical instrument, it is to master a skill not just, also be to raise the child art culture, good way that exercises volitional character at the same time. As the parent, should place above all oneself footing, why to want to let the child learn musical instrument. Some parents hold the mind of eager for quick success and instant benefit, the hope checks two level one year, cross 6 level 3 years, the development existing state of affairs that takes no account of the child completely even... a kind of method that studies class to just also confirm technical level at most, cannot with entirely complete.

In the exercise, the parent should not want as far as possible in order to beat and scold, laugh at wait for contumelious manner to treat the child. Overcome the disposition difference that the likelihood exists between oneself and child to try hard to coordinate. The disposition of most person has deviation, some parents see the problem that the child gets on in disposition very hard. Child of this kind of circumstance learns musical instrument very hard. So, the parent must overcome the deviation on him disposition, be done as far as possible according to the teacher's requirement.

2, actively disentombs, the study interest that develops the child

A lot of parents mirror the child not to like to play musical instrument, thinking to play musical instrument is one develops intelligence already very interesting process, the child however very do not like. At the beginning of learning musical instrument, the child still is preferred, but the thorough interest as study with respect to wear off, a lot of children are interrupted consequently learn musical instrument.
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