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Violinist Liang Dana talks about violin education
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Compere : everybody netizen everybody good afternoon! We are honoured very much today asking Guan Xian of central music institute is a professor, beijing is philharmonic presiding Mr. Liang Dana, discuss a few violins and the issue that teach a respect to everybody, welcome everybody to quiz eagerly.

Liang Dana : is very glad to can chat room. Introduce myself first, I centrally music institute becomes a teacher now, after beginning finish school from 84 years work inside symphony orchestra of centrally philharmonic society, do later presiding, traded a few places later, centrally opern, broadcast in Shanghai philharmonic, began to return Beijing again from last year, in school teacher and student. A lot of parents also let his child learning music now, it is a first-rate atmosphere, what learn piano and violin now is very much. I am in these year among study, small when those who pull is example play, " white Mao Nv " , " Hu Shan of power of take by strategy " etc, the satisfy a craving that pulls at that time, I like to listen very much. Read 75 years in Tianjin music institute, moved toward professional road. 84 years philharmonic society of college graduate centrally worked ten years. Learning a violin actually is one a very difficult issue, because it must want to spend very long time and energy, and should have a lot of a lot of requirements, of course, a lot of children are not to come up to be thrown exceedingly, because the child is to like to play in this kind very much in atmosphere, we serve as the parent, rear the child inchoately first, falling very easily with happy environment, let them slowly like musical instrument, like music. So, come on not likely with respect to risk one's life needlessly bring to bear on very great pressure. So, a lot of children most begin to should say to like music, but pass lengthy study, feel very difficult, very tired, want a lot of more beautiful time, and occupy went his a lot of happy days. This myself also has personal experience, of the evening of my mathematics, because a lot of parents let his child begin to learn a violin in 34 years old, I do not advocate so early, can begin to contact a few music first, perhaps learn a bit piano first, because regard all music as piano,be a foundation, understand theory of music of a few simple and ABC, no matter be,learn violin, cello, orchestral music in the future to him so or ethical musical instrument has very great help.

As a whole, the child lets below a very relaxed, pleasant atmosphere slowly walk into music, all children are exceedingly innocent lively, all children play, pull musical instrument to should regard a kind to play a few recreation with simpler perhaps musical instrument, be accumulated for long through you and learn, also can see, your child can suit make music. Or our parent also does not hope the child is engaged in this group at all, regard a music as accomplishment, contact a few musical instrument as the child that popularizes music to let his, this is first-rate thing, and through studying music, through playing these musical instrument, of the whole intelligence quotient that meets pair of children rise and of whole to his view open, of the brains to him and hand control have profit quite. So, letting the child contact musical instrument is first-rate, reach not likely to use of course very strict, beat and scold administrative child even, can cause a kind of pressure and shadow to child mentally so.
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