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How to correct undesirable action of the child
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Child be disgusted with learns; The child loves to say bad word; The child loves to have an insatiable desire for petty gain to wait bad behavior a moment. If your child appears some kind of bad behavior, how should do, how to correct ? again

One, the psycho that has the child objectively deep

After (1) child makes a mistake, often contain negative psychology calm situation, often put to the parent have suspicious guard mentality, if the parent just beats and scold penalty persistently, the likelihood brings about the child not only the error that cannot know oneself, and the contrary mood between aggravate father and son. At that time, the parent should pin the fire of mind above all, sober processing, want to make comprehensive and objective investigation to the thing, listen to the child's private prosecution, allow him to have argue one's case. Such not only benefit masters external state of affairs in the round at the parent, also be helpful for the child eliminating suspicious psychology and contrary mood at the same time.

(2) analyses the subjective element that the child wants to analyse the child already when bad behavior, more want objective to its element to undertake comprehensive and careful analysis, when understanding the child attends cuff is to stem from " brothers personal loyalty " and defend sb against an injustice, its germ depends on idea of law and discipline weak protect after undertaking careful analysis to this thing, can discover among them concealed wears a kind " be happy to help a person " spirit, should sit to be discussed together with the child " help friend, adopting what method just is correct " .

2, specific target, should correct the child after all what behavior

The parent needs notice, what you want to change is the child only some respect behavior, is not child whole individual. The parent is analysed should sensibly and find out the child after all to exist expression of what bad behavior, what should be corrected, point out clearly what should change, make the child clear.

3, concentration solves a problem

Should correct the child certainly when you after the target of bad behavior, perhaps can feel his defect but really much, wish to be solved entirely, but must dominate impatient sentiment. Center energy to solve a problem inside proper time, waited for this problem to solve, shift other issue again, such effect will be better.

4, the family is consistent, do what one says

Want to correct undesirable action of the child, obtain result, must accomplish a family to agree, stand by one's word, put forward reasonable requirement to want to hold to after all to the child. In if be in,correcting bad behavior process, see the child cries be troubled by act like a spoiled child to shrink back, the child can grasp your weak point very quickly. Talk not the parents of count is doing not have authority in child memory, the child also won't take your requirement seriously, they know blubber counteractive a period of time only, parents can yield. So once parents adopts logical step to cannot quit, otherwise next issue cannot come true. For example: The child loves " act shamelessly " , when the child " act shamelessly " when parents always should not be self-effacing, also not was necessary to tell great truth with the child. The parent can pay no attention to him, seem to be absent, come so, the child knows to be troubled by again also do not have " good outcome " , have finally only darling and obedient, so must do what one says.
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