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Child affectation course of study is not absorption how to do
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Xiaoming had gone up elementary school 2 grade, but come home every time,do work, he is not absorption, cannot do one small conference, be about to drink water, otherwise goes up toilet, also always sit not to wish anyway accordingly, feigned line of business is particularly slow, exercise often cannot finish on time.

The reason with child affectation not absorption course of study is very much, it is the breeding means with parents is concerned above all. When the child just went to school, some parents did not train strict requirement, strictly to the child. When child strong enter a school, when course of study of affectation coming home, the parent is afraid that the child is hungry again, be afraid that the child is thirsty again, eat to the thing a little while, a little while water supply is drunk, be the same as child say a few words again a little while word, time grew, the child makes the snack when exercise, speech with respect to nurturance, move back and forth the bad habit of young toy, or the edge listens the habit that the TV program sees by the side of broadcast. Still a reason also may matter too much with the child's exercise. On one hand school teacher assigns a lot of home work to the child, on the other hand, some parents still let the child get on this in extracurricular, get on that, the child tired exhausted, to play a little while more, homework always is postpone again and again, to writing line of business must be driven when be about to sleep, at this moment all over Mondayish, giddy, which are thought of purposely absorption think, serious consideration, work then with respect to careless, get through hastily.

Understood the child becomes the matter with not absorption exercise, the parent can help child nurturance according to the following method the habit of absorption and feigned course of study.

1, the parent is accompanied appropriately

The child is learning inchoate, the concentration of the endurance of study and attention degree always is finite, the company that the adult is on the side is a kind of support undoubtedly. But the course that the parent when company needs to care him to learn only, and the particular situation that right study need not too care about, can do oneself business attentively, provide example for the child or create a quiet learning environment, cannot clamour aloud absolutely or hear broadcast, watch TV, affect the child's attention.

2, taletelling is incentive

Children likes to hear a story, be like,the parent tells some of vivid story that celebrity great person learns wholeheartedly and works to the child: Courier madam, edison, Hua Luogeng, incentive child learns to them.

3, agile arrangement basic cycle time

Make the time of exercise, the parent does not want too inflexible. For instance broadcast or TV have what the child wants to listen very or look, very good also program, might as well change the time of feigned course of study temporarily, let the child listens to this program or see redo work. Because if do not let forcedly,hear broadcast at this moment, although he writes line of business over, there often is a program in the heart, exercise is done necessarily bad. But when such doing, the parent also should make the child clear, feigned course of study and hear the broadcast, fraction that sees TV want to have weight primary and secondary, want to be premise with affecting study, must not mix to child accommodate to sb blindly indulge.
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