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Teach the child to respect elder as a child
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Give presents parents is the traditional goodness of the Chinese nation and moral criterion, today, we should carry forward this kind of goodness, for generations continuance goes down.

  some parents think: When the child is small, the parent wants to invest money on child body more only, the child can remember in the heart parents is his investment deeply, after be brought up, the sentiment that also appreciates with respect to inevitable cherish, meeting well give presents parents.

  but, in fact however rather. A lot of minor are on guilty viatic fact to confirm, suffer parents' doting child as a child, can think oneself go up from parental body everything of earning is should, and meeting nurturance a kind " all demand are sought from parental body contented " idea and habit. The word of the ambition of a least that this part child often says is: Since you gave birth to me, should raise me -- parents once as a result of economic actual strength or other ability short of, and when cannot satisfying child requirement, the child can blame parents to do not have skill (is not to blame his to do not have skill) , meet resentment parents fail to offer a perfect outside ambient to oneself even, "Let him on earth have a rough time " .

  is faced such " not sensible, unconscionable " the child, fu Zhidong sheds the foster favour that parents feels he is old necessarily, be opposite necessarily the child is dissatisfactory, then, inevitable meeting produces acerb contradiction between two acting people.

  becomes father and mother if think over, why can you go today this one pace? Its conclusion not character is axiomatic: The parent just developed the desire of child high spending, and the will that wins good-paying place to need without education child, acquire the skill of good-paying without church child. The child fends lowly ability cannot satisfy its high consumption demand, bring about the child to hate parents necessarily, hate a society even.

  still has one part parents to have a rough time to make the child little, because this always thinks,replace the child to do all businesses. After such child is grown, meeting lack is free-standing the spirit at the society and ability, when encountering difficulty, what think of above all is not how to use tenacious volition, assiduous effort to go conquer is difficult, and think of to appeal above all at parents.

  is same, once the child's requirement cannot get parental satisfaction, the child also can blame parents necessarily.

  this shows, today, want to make the child true can accomplish respectable parents, the must notice to be about to rear the child as a child free-standing spirit that becomes father and mother, let the child learn him him arrange as early as possible, pass the child of life harden oneself so, after be brought up, can have stronger paddle one's own canoe quality, know the hardships of the life, can have love more, the relation of two acting people just is met close and harmonious, the family just is met harmonious.
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