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How to teach indocile child
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Some children always are mixed put on a rival show of the parent, teacher. The parent says to do exercise to cannot hear broadcast, he slants to drive the volume of the radio greatly; The teacher says, playtime does not want angle to fight noisely, he slants should play with the classmate in classroom corridor play hide-and-seek... every this a variety of, by no means an isolated case. Such child also always is not willing to be obedient to the parent and teacher, cannot let parent save worry, its germ turns over psychology in Yu Ni.

Of the child go against contain strong sentiment to change color commonly instead, they lack rational analysis, often mix the opinion with true adult beneficial proposal also completely ground is gone against be turned over, this kind of blind is gone against growing to the child's health instead is very adverse apparently. For this, the parent mights as well some of effort makes in the following respects:

1, adjust expectation value

Parenting person might as well the height that lowers expectation, give child set the goal that he can achieve, after waiting for him to come true, reintroduce tall the target of one administrative levels. Such loop move back and forth, can avoid child generation to go against already turn over psychology, can make him progress ceaselessly again, approach the parent's expectation gradually.

2, patient specification logic

Some parents are used to be being released to the child " ban " , this kind of simple education way normally not quite be successful, the curiosity that can cause the child instead and dug desire, violate intentionally ban try. For instance: Some parents stipulate the child plays sport plane to must not exceed a hour. This sets itself and do not have undeserved place, danre's parent just is banned finish sth, do not explain specific reason to the child, often can be just the opposite to what one wished as a result so, the child can play continuously intentionally 3 two hours do not give up. If parent beforehand has done meticulous persuasion to work, the time that makes the child clear and successive play game machine passes long meeting to affect vision, cause exhaustion of cervical vertebra lumbar, bring about cerebrum work efficiency to drop, so the possibility of intended violate a ban can reduce the child. In fact, the child is not met ground of for no reason at all is impassable with the parent on purpose, should clarify meticulously patiently only logic, the child is to meet what jump at adult teachs, even if be a ban.

3, esteem child

The child slants not obedient how to do ? to hit ! actually, "Hit " not be panacea, "Dozen " the result has two kinds normally: One kind is a swat fiercer, of the child go against instead the sentiment is stronger, virulent to parents even; Another kind is child outside was obedient to the parent, but the heart does not have be sincerely convinced, if this kind of circumstance is long-term progress continues, that can make the child creates the undesirable moral character that gives two-faced, affectation. Want to make the child truly obedient, eliminate go against turn over psychology, "Hit " not be method, "Esteem " it is best prescription. Esteem child is the opinion that should listen attentively to the child seriously, 2 it is the opportunity that should express an opinion adequately to the child, 3 it is to give the child certain own right, conduce to already eliminate go against turn over psychology, be helpful for developing free-standing ability of the child again.
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