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How to have rewards and punishment correctly to the child (one)
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Praising award is a kind of very important education way in domestic education. Any children hope to receive the opinion with positive adult, even if those look the child with defect, very much trouble. When because had been behaved,perhaps obtain progress when the child and be praised by the parent, emotionally can produce pleasure, get satisfaction in mentally, enhance self-confident heart and the desire to do better thereby, consolidate ceaselessly and admit the act that is affirmed. Contrary, if a child always is criticized, their mood is met graver and graver, the pressure of mentally is met bigger and bigger, lose self-confident heart and the desire to do better gradually, arise even " broken jar is broken fall " idea. So, the parent wants the life show of attentive and advertent child, progress gives a bit to the child in time to affirm and be praised, ability drive child exerts oneself ceaselessly up. But, the wrong defect to the child also cannot appeasement is indulged or turn a blind eye to, pretend to be deaf and dumb, and should adopt a few necessary steps to undertake critical education, the wrong action of serious to causing consequence has measurable discipline sb as a warning even, make the child feels compunctious, painful, compunction, let them realize them defect, mistake, error, and from which derive lesson, learn a lesson, no longer the mistake with same repeat.

Accordingly, in domestic education process, should hold to openly guiding and union of critical chasten photograph, give priority to in order to praise award, critical chasten is complementary. Such ability bring the positive factor of child oneself into play to the greastest extent, make the child form the consciousness that ego teachs and ability, obtain progress ceaselessly. But no matter be,criticize chasten, if apply proper, can get good result; Conversely, if apply undeserved, can arise instead negative, expect contrary result with the parent. In domestic education practice, how to use the method of award and chasten correctly, this is the problem that a few parents sense bemused in practice. The article talks how to use rewards and punishment correctly with parents these two kinds of familiar education pattern.

One, the negative effect that undeserved award may produce

Praise and reward the enterprise that can arouse the child, raise self-confident heart of the child, encourage the child to develop a good point, progress ceaselessly. But the parent still is necessary to understand, undeserved award also can produce a lot of negative effect, make the child forms a few undesirable character traits. Basically reflect in the following respects:

1, overmuch exceeding praise can make the child is formed blind overbearing character character

The child is in year young when, ego evaluates ability to had been not built well. They are all of frame of reference with explicit evaluation to the evaluation of stand or fall of him words and deeds. Outside come to an agreement or understanding is good, it is bad that the outside says bad. Accordingly, the appropriate sex that the outside evaluates to the child, if the parent is right the child's praise is the accuracy that immediate impact evaluates to child ego, exaggerated, exaggerate overly, use often, create a kind of illusion with respect to meeting Dai child, think oneself are apple-pie, make the child forms the undesirable character and morals of self-righteous, get dizzy with success, proud conceit gradually.
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