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The child that does not take oneself follows other child to compare
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When Wei Wei when a half moon is big, his mother discovers surprisingly, the son been flappinging suspension is in unexpectedly the toy above infantile bed, and according to the description in reader of Yo of baby children education, little baby should want 2, when 3 months are big, just can appear this kind flaps the movement of the toy, because the adjacent of towards the left of the maternal excitement of this Wei Wei is right,abandon the magical show that announces him son.

When Wei Wei when 4 half moon are big, he appears again another early feature: He can have sat up unexpectedly, then his mother the kin friend that agitato tells her this news. When Wei Wei a year old when, he tells mother: "I am brought up to want to become a doctor later. " the mother of Wei Wei tells others haughtily again: "My son can speak very much. "My son can speak very much..

The mother of Wei Wei likes to boast to others very much the expression of own son, until when one day she sojourns in friend home, after discovering a very crestfallen issue accidentally, just suspend such action from now on. The friend of Wei Wei mother has a habit, like the circumstance of development of conveniently general child and the thing that are worth the aftertaste, conveniently writes down the calendar that is being hanged in the kitchen, water is drunk in friend home kitchen when Wei Wei mother when, she took aim incidentally calendar a few, did not think of to discover the friend's son is early before a few weeks accidentally, had told a mother him to the plane wants after be brought up, the son as a result of the friend is even younger than Wei Wei 4 months, the mother because of this Wei Wei a little computative, this is equal to the development that says friend child to should go up more quickly than Wei Wei 4 many months, this circumstance lets Wei Wei mother feel special to distress, nevertheless she also understands eventually from now on, do not have really as parents necessary the little because of the child progresses and ego expands.

Parents is flourish with his child, this kind of phenomenon is very normal, but the child that some parents often like to take his undertakes comparative with the child of others, if oneself child is more successful, parents is very proud. Conversely, boast ceaselessly before them when others when the achievement of own child, can let them can't help beginning to suspect, whether did oneself child appear in development respect problem. Actually, when having, other parents is probable it is to be in exaggerate ground to boast, but to hoping children will have a bright future, for the novice father and mother that hopes female Cheng Fengxin is cut, the mood is not affected very hard however. Still some parents may be be enlightened pass to boast ceaselessly, will conceal oneself or certain defect of the child, some people often like exaggerate to persuade his to believe his child does not have a problem completely! So when if meet unexpectedly is similar afore-mentioned circumstance, you must not get angry because of this, should want to sympathize with the other side instead.
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