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How does side child formulate study a plan
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Do what thing to want in a planned way, study also is such of course. To the child, learning formulate study to plan is very important. So, how to help the child reasonably formulate study plans ?

One, the plan with feasible formulate

Study plans to ask to should not be exorbitant, because the requirement is exorbitant,carry out hard not only, and cause easily number and self-abased feeling are done not have in the heart. Although some children ordered study to plan but did not carry out, investigate its reason basically has the following 3 respects: It is to plan to be ordered too ideally; 2 it is the perseverance that him lack carries out; 3 it is ambient conditions does not allow. Of course, no matter attribute which kinds of situation, the effort that can rely on him himself and beside of people assist and try to solve.

2, the balance that considers whole life

Formulate study plan cannot consider to learn only and disregard other. Actually, study is a respect in a day of life only, other activity has certain effect to learning, so, when formulate study plans, must consider in the round. Want to make learn to take the first place in a day already, want to make learn to be coordinated with other activity again. Change character, should have already in schedule of work and rest have a meal, Morpheus, attend class, the time of extracurricular activity, also should have rest, recreational leisure time, even put apart chats with classmate, friend, family, hear broadcast, see the time such as TV. Anyhow, activity of a day wants diversification, all sorts of activities should timely and undertake harmoniously. The life that have the law and enrichs is the postulate that improves study efficiency.

3, should have certain flexibility

Plan not to answer absolutely and changeless, should allow some to change according to actual condition and the experience in executive plan. For example, one of these day because the child attends games to feel the body is very tired, that plans to rest early with respect to should seasonable change. If pure to implement a plan, you are extortionary the child at the same time snooze holds to the study in the time in the regulation at the same time, or it is to indissoluble 10 titles do not sleep, that with respect to as good as at act in a Procrustean way.

Study plans to want to have flexibility already, must with turning into basically principle, such ability are helpful for the convention with good nurturance. If regards what circumstance as exceptional, change a plan casually, hard nurturance good convention. So, in be about to consider to take superabundant land when lay a course at the beginning, after once had been ordered,planning, do not want to change as far as possible. It is very important to hold to this one principle.

4, have specific study target

The target that this target should study according to him child, before the case such as evil course of plan of study circumstance, course, happy event will decide.
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