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Cause close child the common cause of communication obstacle
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The child's parents did not love on the world, but not be every child that the parent knows how to should love his. The father and mother that has a lot of is mentally and physically exhausted is in indissoluble ground dug: Why oneself so care child, build get married instead child bigger conflict and chasm? Among them the most crucial reason depends on kissing child between communicate had an obstacle.

One, the common communication difficulty in the family

In the communication obstacle that often appears in the family main show is a few impertinent blame languages to communicate behavior and impertinent language to communicate behavior.

The affective in the family is conveyed, it is the means that passes through blame language for the most part, be like body distance, eyes stare etc will communicate. The communication problem that appears in domestic average is the contact of each other eyes when communicating ministry of very few, face is very insipid without expression, sound, or the information that is language and blame language is conflicting wait. For example the mother feels distressed appetite difference of the child does not want to have a meal, went out to buy a daughter to love eating fried chicken wing most, the daughter that after coming home, goes up to sleeping in the bed however cries aloud with loath mood: "Fried chicken wing is bought, should eat oneself to rise eat 1 . In fact mother very show loving care for the child, but she such communication means makes her intention called a discount however, the child hears this kind of remote sound to reach such mood, the likelihood also is met oversight mom's consideration and sincerity. It is so in daily life, with family between communicate, should the message of language of blame of make peace of special attention language is identical, and when conversation if the eye does not look at the other side or facial ministry,do not have expression, meet be misunderstood easily to be to be in angry or loath.

And impertinent language communicates what behavior included to blur and too wraparound the phenomenon such as the state that change. Ambiguous communication if: The son that father goes to school to wanting to go out says: "You are very pretty good today 1 , this is a kind of very ambiguous language expression. Effective language is communicated must appoint clear " behavior " the affection reaction that causes, for example can so say: "Today you need not mom calls you to get up with respect to oneself, still clear away oneself very trimly go going to school, I feel very glad. I feel very glad..

Additional, in the family when in communicating, wanting to express the sentiment such as angry, disappointed, resentment, regular meeting appears egregious and wraparound the language that change, this kind of language often exaggerates screwy fact and contain harm sex to the child's heart, for example child tousle disposition, the mother says when criticizing her: "You are the obedient least of all child 1 that I see really, because the speech that come is spoken under life,this is planted, often create sense of child huge frustration, often still may enhance her the animosity to family. So if must give the child occasionally a few in ought to when criticism, should allude only factual itself, and the individual character character that does not involve the child.
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