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The child is human the education of truck capacity
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Association is the need of a kind of society of children, be development of children implementation sociality surely classics way. Children socialization process basically undertakes along two lines: Children is spent a few years in the home at first, parents is the main target with its interaction, the family is children socialization is the basiccest because of,move, inchoate to children behavior portrays a move crucial action. As the growth of the age, individual cognitive ability rises ceaselessly, territory expands further. Individual go up gradually from physiology break lacteal period to transfer of mentally break lacteal period, naturally estranged the association with parents, and go morely to be the same as age go in associate.

Besides close child association, companion relation is the human relations in society with the most extensive children. In process of development of children body and mind, human association is one of fundamental conditions that accelerate its socialization process, because development of body and mind of this one period is rapid, plasticity is very big, acceptance is strong, it is the crucial period that the child grows. Psychologist points out: "Character basically is formed stage by stage in the process that interacts with the person, the psychological progress of the child and person society to him has great sense. The psychological progress of the child and person society to him has great sense..

Can be the grow in quantity as front courtyard of singleton the bride's side, the father people of a certain kind that present child and outside have the opportunity photograph of association compares them should decrease a lot of, in the absense of the experience that has society with the companion, the result brings about a lot of children to not be good at getting along with other, do not know the skill that interacts with the person, social truck capacity is poor. Truck capacity of the child is not endowment, can pass acquired education training to rise however. On the association ability that develops the child, the parent's action is very crucial, offer a few countermeasure sex proposals that increase child truck capacity for the parent below.

1, the association environment that opens for child activate, the association interest of incentive child and desire

The parent should encourage child expenditure to proper time and energy go and chat with age person, game, go on a journey, absolutely cannot what excuse culture learns is important and the negligence child learning in this respect. Look after children more for instance string of door, supportive child takes a companion to arrive home in will play, do not make overmuch limitation to the game of children, more cannot for the neat sanitation with the family the friend close the door on the child.

2, teach child control association skill, study interacts correctly

(1) the basiccest association technical ability -- greet. Greet even if meet greet sb, if new friend is acquainted, lad meet again, "Meet mouth laugh " , inquire after sb's health, the greeting presents his compliment etc, belong to greet. The parent should teach the child how to greet sb with the person, how to bow handclasp, how to introduce oneself to others, how to use deferential utterance to wait a moment.
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