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How to have rewards and punishment correctly to the child (2)
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3, how to have rewards and punishment correctly to the child

Can see from the analysis above, how is the parent used praise award and critical discipline sb as a warning, it is special learned, if use undeserved can be just the opposite to what one wished, short of expects an end. So how should the parent use means of rewards and punishment correctly? A few the following principles can consult for parents.

Above all, make clear the respective suitable scope of rewards and punishment.

Rewards and punishment cannot be used at will, they have respective suitable scope, its applicability depends on respective function and decide.

Reward or praise apply to the advantage that praises the child, guide them to correct defect. Be like the child at ordinary times very recreant, when him first time dare be in before the guest when the speech, must give in time praise, in order to urge his bold action, overcome the weakness of be shy with strangers of bravery filial piety. The praise conduces to the individual character character that makes the child builds an independent character, consciousness, self-confident heart to had waited. But if praise,use undeserved, exceed its suitable scope, can make the child produces complacent, conceited, consciousness and autonomic sex difference, fight setback force to wait for undesirable character infirmly.

Penalty or criticism apply to the error that corrects the child quite, restrain its bad behavior. For instance the parent discovers the child is lying, must offer criticism or punish. Some parents the proper pride to protect the child, when should be being criticized, do not criticize, can make the child cannot make a clear distinction between right and wrong, education of this kind of blemish can bring about the child to form character flaw. Same, penalty is used excessive can make the child self-abased, when anything crops up cowardly shrink back. When so parents is teaching the child, must inspect particular case to choose method of rewards and punishment neatly.

Next, the use scale appropriate of rewards and punishment is " punish 3 award 7 "

Teaching child respect, praise bigger than vituperative effect. If punish over praise, harm the child's proper pride and self-confident heart easily. Especially to year young the child, they often believe to the word of adult. Accordingly, parents uses the allocation that go up to means of child rewards and punishment scale should be depended on " a thirty-seventy ratio " principle, should give priority to in order to encourage, 3 minutes of criticism, reward 7 minutes. In the meantime, in every time also should carry out when specific executive rewards and punishment " a thirty-seventy ratio " principle: When praising award, point out the child's inadequacy even, in order to prevent child pride; When criticism is punished, also want to affirm the child's virtue, in order to prevent the child self-abased.
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