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In domestic education " consistency " principle
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In domestic education, the family is different between the member, because teach the idea, way that teachs child of manner, certainly,the difference often exists on the method, form abhorrent, parents is for instance abhorrent to filial requirement, can create the contradiction between requirement of domestic pedagogue certainly, the result weakened educational effect. The parent is abhorrent to educational requirement of the child, main show wants a canal for, one wants to put; One should father, one wants wide. Sometimes 2 people of husband and wife are in intentionally still of child face act black and white face, think one is hit, one is pulled, have those who fool him, have gally the most effective method that his is education, that is off base, the child that grows in this kind of atmosphere forms two sides sex very easily! The parent's requirement is abhorrent, constant regular meeting is accompanying the difference between the parent and brawl, although brawl can try to keep away from the child, but difference is to cannot keep away from of the child's eye, this kind of difference can create educational vacuum to the child, and the child also often very be good at getting such chance: Certainly sufferred to run to another to go in one party complaint; Sufferred in one party punish, run additional, just go denouncing love. Additional, the child still can produce different view and manner to the parent. Because educational requirement of the parent is abhorrent, the child can think the some in the parent loves him by accident, some does not love him; Some protects him technically, some often punishs him. Then the child can produce different view, different attitude to the parent. So in domestic education, how is the requirement accomplished between domestic member unified, education is consistent a few proposals put forward to consult for parents here.

One, the consistency with projectile affection

The consistency with projectile affection is every member in pointing to a family the love that to its children, junior should have same rate, have similar feeling, hold tend consistent educational manner. This kind of love, feeling, manner is opposite through growing up expression of words and deeds comes out. If projectile to child affection extent, intensity is abhorrent, can bring about the child to be close to to some domestic members, aloof to some domestic members, evasive, produce hostile psychology even.

2, the consistency that teachs a thought

A child lets his umbrella to others hit. Oneself are drenched by rain however wet. After coming home, father praise issues him this kind of behavior, and mother however rebuke child. Of thought of this kind of education abhorrent the standard that can make the child cannot form unified value measure and judgement dispute, what make the child loses words and deeds thereby is directional. Similar such thing, want parental one party to be handled reasonably only, other one party ought to give support, can sing each tune each anything but, taught the effect to offset each other otherwise.
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