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It how criticize the result is good when the child errs to how criticize the res
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When the child made a mistake, try to criticize to him appropriately, what can make its realise oneself is wrong, made generation compunctious, compunction, make its draw a lesson from inside the mistake thereby, no longer repeat. But if criticism is undeserved, the allergy that causes the child possibly also and inimical, the educational end that short of expects.

So, how does the parent use educational method of criticism, does ability obtain favorable result?

1, criticism wants be practical and realistic, just and reasonable

The child appears after bad behavior, parent criticism child answers be practical and realistic, just and reasonable, allow the child to state apologize, the child cannot be criticized before making clear the truth. Criticism should tell clear truth, tell the child his where err, why to criticize him, his mistake has what harm, if why is wrong serious rate waited a moment. When criticism if active with affection, xiao Zhi in order to manage, the child is more recipient.

2, criticism wants seasonable

Critical child wants seasonable, of this criticism criticize instantly, what to say " when waiting for ) of mom of your father ( to come back, let him teach you a lesson " the opportunity of word incur loss through delay of and so on. If lie between so period of time is criticized again, can let the child think the parent is to seeking excuse standard he, do not accept present criticism not only, make child generation is gone against possibly still turn over psychology. Some parents like square accounts after the autumn harvest-wait until after a political movement is over to settle accounts with the leadership or the masses, when criticizing the child, like the defect that rebuke child goes, or put forward as irrelevant as this matter thing to be criticized together, such meetings make the child thinks you are in all the time collect his defect is wrong, cause allergy.

3, criticism should choose appropriate occasion

Every child has proper pride, hope others is respected likewise, most be afraid of fie-fie before others. If the face before everybody from beginning to end board move face rebukes aloud, its are just the opposite to what one wished certainly as a result. How should let the child accept criticism gladly ? is best should choose to be in attendant without other when, undertake personally, and critical voice is smaller, the child listens more easily go in.

4, criticism does not hurt child pride

After having fault when the child, the parent's criticism answers an issue wrong person, critical is bad behavior of the child, do not hurt child pride, keep one's eyes peeled wants when criticizing the child because of this parent, the language effect with the more inactive than using, rough language that uses active civilization is good. After the child made a mistake, the heart is very abashed already, compunctious, what they need is a care, encourage and help. The expression when the parent is criticized is OK and earnest, tone is OK and firm, but must not say: "You are really stupid ! " , " others is met, with respect to you won't. " , " really trashy, you are brought up to be able to sweep ave ! only " the word of and so on, these words can make the child more pessimistic only, produce self-abased move, go against them to correct an error.
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