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How should teach after the junior high school on the child
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The family is social cell, the parent is a the first teacher of the child. The manner of domestic atmosphere and child, affection and character trait are having very close relationship. When discovering to such and such defect, mistake appears on child body, whether does the should consider oneself above all education method of our parenthood have a problem, and the child that ought not to criticise how the child is inferior to others has prospect. Of the psychological feature of a person and conduct character form the effect that suffers two respects element, one is genetic, one is an environment. To a dot, parents focussed the effect of these two kinds of elements. From genetic respect for, parents knows the inadequacy on individual character of both sides of husband and wife, should try hard when rearing the child correctional; Tell from environmental angle, parents should create good domestic atmosphere, the positive action that gives the child in the family with award, letting the child know how to be done is right. Only such, our child ability forward the parent and the directional health that the society hopes grow. The middle school on the child enters adolescence gradually later, they are facing a lot of new issues, the heart is experiencing profound change. The parent must understand psychological feature of the child, ground of make the best use of the circumstances teachs the child.

One, the psychological characteristic of student of junior high school

After the preadolescence, the child is more adjacent on body at growing up, within also draws close to the adult, similar adult desire is many in their heart emerge in large numbers. In the meantime, they are maturing from babyish trend, the experience of each respect is lacked, the heart often is in contradictory conflict in. Accordingly, we should understand consist in a few groups of in their self-awareness apparent contradiction.

1, independence and dependent contradictory

After in going up, learning, when children resemble elementary school no longer in that way the directive of comply with teacher and parents, accept the assessment of others innocently. They begin to realize, before a lot of oneself ideas are not him, however from what must come over there the division commander. Then, they begin to explore true ego, the eye that uses oneself goes viewing the world. My daughter often criticize my a few opinion on public affairs, correct my explanation to a few things. The child thinks independence very much, oneself decide oneself issue; The child feels he had been brought up, do not wish to be mixed again the parent an activity. But they are very clear, oneself still cannot become independent completely, still cannot leave parental help, still lack independence the capital at the society and experience. So, existing to contradict in their self-awareness.

2, ideal and actual contradictory
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