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How to teach children to read classics
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(one) children reads the far-reaching benefit of classics

The ancients cloud: "If,become less nature, the habit becomes nature " . It is before children nature is not smeary, character of be apt to is entered easily, first impressions are strongest, wait for its to be brought up and change not easily, the benevolence of old friend, confidence and beard of outstanding moral character are fostered in young Xiaoshi. Every parenting person, when children is little, should teach namely in order to read Song classical, with fostering its basic wisdom is mixed calm force, more morality of Xiao Yiyin fruit, dui Lun all divides put in order; If young when do not teach, wait for its to be brought up, criterion bad habit already was become, amend hard, the evening of regret. The classics that children place reads is not those who point to sutra or religion is classical. Always the allusion Jie of sages and men of virtue, can experience is long cover is new, OK and normative we establish body act, all call classical. Borrow by the answer of the following problems, we can read the far-reaching benefit of classics to understand somewhat to children:

How is the heart decides time fostered?

Read when classics, language of be particular about fast, dialect: Requirement language fast not urgent not Xu, dialect is emphatic. Average now person everything be particular about is fast, some people are heard read via be being read so slow, carry do not have mind, read actually come down via making our heart can static namely. A person can be decided come down, ability is capable to think, face a problem, ability is unapt flurried, bustling. The heart decides the education of kongfu, train by smooth always namely. The best method nothing is more... than of training is read classics. Read classics already handy easy travel need not spend money again, each parent can coach in the home the time that the child trains this kind of heart to decide, namely contemporary the psychological quality with the composed, easy training that often says.

The sages and men of virtue that why should read the ancients is classical?

A lot of teachers, parent is oppugned, what does the thing of the ancients, old some thing have to be worth to learn? To this kind of doubt, should we ponder over this kind of doubt to have a reason calmly? Review us to was driven in the past when culture is classical, often adopt compare strong method, extortionary child back comes down. The child was carried on the back, but do not understand a meaning, can since do not know a meaning to be carried on the back why again,the parent think? Feel the thing that reads the ancients, old to some things do not have good.

We think, person from be born to often die, can say the all the time is not learning, each age level has the reflection of each age level. As the development of life, to all previous of life practice has further experience and think. Enter especially middleaged later farewell head views the past, as a result of oneself ignorance, wasted a lot of valuable time. When our age is old, will learn again, often feeling our physical strength, mental is ability not equal to one's ambition really, because we had done not have so much energy and time,will learn. When our understanding, after been see through, learn again, when be late already. The ancients character: Young nescient, laohe is? The study of cheeper is take root education. The person should have a copy kept as a record, best a copy kept as a record is not had too the intelligent experience of sages and men of virtue, this is the person establishs what conduct oneself in society personally base stand tall and upright e.g. one grade read classics child to was chosen to go up in the grandfather speak after filial piety model: "Filial piety also person, are its the person's Ben Yu? " if, when we can imagine to she is reciting this, the likelihood does not know its meaning completely. After perusal, back comes down, see pattern of the filial piety on grandfather choosing, she understands original grandfather is a filial person, still win governmental award for this, consequently she can be experienced somewhat, tell giving filial piety is humanness is essential. Want to pay a copy beforehand so, after having a base, ability is applied. Resemble building a building, cannot build absolutely without the foundation rise. With sages and men of virtue classical the take root education that is foundation is very important.
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