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Wang Caigui: Potential development and children are read classics (2)
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Art also is same, want to make a person OK master everything of this environment, the life that can let him at a draught is absorbed explicit how many energy, this is a kind " unripe " mystery; You think originally saw a landscape, also see a picture however actually. If the person waters,this is, changes in temperature knows oneself. Visual absorption is a person all one's life a kind of very important ability. Where is the ability that when develops an eye then? 0 years old are occupied to 3 years old 60% to 80% , 3 years old are remained to 6 years old 10% to 20, finally is 6 years old arrive 13 years old, your eye faculty finalized the design after 13 years old. How should be that fostered? Do not let him see a few cartoon or caricature, what to want him to look? See rich world name picture, of West, of China, realistically, abstract or stereo, of fauvism, as long as accord with human aesthetic feeling OK. Culture of human Chinese and Western is circulated falling is a few hundreds of work tens of thousands of years, in 3 years old before let him be browsed twice, meet forever brand is in his heart. Let him had listened 3 times like a song, this does not forget all one's life. The child's absorption ability resembling sponge is same, but more than 3 years old of his ability with respect to cut in part, more than 6 years old again cut in part, more than 13 years old won't grow again forever. What does the parent perhaps think children understands? Let him look to also look not to understand, but the child need not understand, he can imprint them between his life, serve as disposition self-restraint all one's life base stand tall and upright should foster capable the child is so simple.

And " read classics education " it is education of a kind of Chinese, chinese is very big to the influence of a person, we absorb knowledge, handle an issue, even manage state affairs makes the same score the world, major communication tool is Chinese, absorb culture wisdom to also want to have Chinese rate, chinese is the crystallization of culture, chinese also can train think, promotion wisdom, and even at making you can develop, circulate the creative work that finishs you. The person with bad ability of a Chinese, disposition development is diseased, chinese ability is good, study ability is faster, expressive capability is stronger also, ponder over force more systimatic, if talk to not be clear about, that brains also not likely is clear.

The Chinese ability of a child is inherent, god lets us have inherent Chinese capacity, if did not foster it, it is one can be achieved only enough your life is used, living and OK used tool stopped, but if can go fostering it, we can absorb human culture crystallization further, those who make life grows is faster, be born 10 years in us hit the target, can read into the mankind 3000, the wisdom 5000. Want to develop one individual life connotation so, promote the standard of one individual wisdom, the thought you is clear about expression, can touch a person or and even at can circulating later ages, must want to have good Chinese capacity. How is that fostered? Can guide down the natural evolution of human Chinese ability. Is Chinese ability of the mankind how develop? Anthropologic Chinese is very wonderful thing, doing not have an animal is to resemble the mankind having so rich language. Learning conversation is a very difficult issue, till now, the computer still also cannot speak, or it is to cannot resemble the mankind saying footloosely, when does a child just learn human Chinese? If be mother tongue, he can learn from good examples 3 years old. According to linguist research, the turn with anthropologic the sharpest language also is arrive 3 years old from 0 years old, call the genius of the language. The mankind has the talent of the language, 0 years old arrive 3 years old is 100 percent, passed 3 years old to be remained only 50% , 6 years old arrive 13 years old is the opportunity with anthropologic final language, mix with the vision hearing is same. He can letting learn Chinese before 13 years old is very important. Foster above all read with expressive ability. If can, let him learn diversiform language, in 13 years old before it is the easiest. So Hu Kuo learns to read classical Chinese article is 13 years old before go to school, looking is very easy, but why won't we read classical Chinese article now? Because now our education is the ability after 13 years old reads classical Chinese article, this is being represented at all do not need to learn classical Chinese language, because primary go to school is bad after 13 years old, want to expend very great time to just acquire little, after learning if you do not continue hard, the likelihood forgot immediately, and Hu Kuo is in 13 years old before learn, all one's life benefit from not chaste tree
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